Want a Rematch?

Prompt 93: GAMBLE
First-person 3D render with a male charr (Bloodeye Lacsap) sitting at a poker table in his casual Blood Legion outfit, looking at you. Rows of playing cards with a Blood Legion design lie in front of both players, and a large pile of gold and silver coins sits in the middle of the table. Lacsap has his right paw held possessively around six large stacks of coins that belong to him, while you only have three meager coins left. His expression suggests that the pile of coins in the middle also belongs to him now, and a the shiny blade of a knife lying in front of you hints that the next round of this game might happen in a slightly more “charr” fashion.
3D render


Don’t worry—when charr play, the second round is usually a lot more fun, and doesn’t involve cards.

For the prompt GAMBLING from my patron Lacsap. Thank you for your support!

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