Kianga Jaguar

Photo of me wearing my fursuit tail: it has long shaggy rainbow-colored fur running along the upper half of the tail, and black fur on the bottom and on the tip.
Tail motion & close-up
Tail with built-in LED strip
Photo of two fursuit hand paws lying on soft white fabric: they have long black fur on the top, shorter charcoal fur on the palm, and short black fur and gray claws on the fingers. The palm and thumb paw pads are black, the other finger paw pads are red, yellow, green, and blue.
Hand paws
Hand paws demo
Reference sheet for my black jaguar fursuit: He has black fur with charcoal on the chest and inside of the paws. Rainbow stripes go down to the left and right of his chest, and from the head down the back to the tip of his tail. The individual paw pads each have a different color: red, yellow, green, and blue. He has a piercing in his right ear and nose, and wears a spiked collar.
Fursuit reference sheet


These are the first two parts of my personal fursuit project: a collaboration with my partner Kiza that should eventually become a full digitigrade fursuit. The theme is “RGB panther”, inspired by my profile icon, with some punk design elements.


A “super-motion tail” based on tutorials by Neffertity and Adamoshi, with a few modifications: The hole for the belt has been reinforced with a leather tube to prevent tearing of the foam, and it has an RGB LED strip running under the fur along its back for a little extra rainbow effect in the dark.

Hand paws

The hand paws are based on a slim-style puffy 5 finger pattern from Skunky Designs.

We used a slightly different option for the lining, with one half-lining sewed to the top half of the paws, then another half-lining put on the bottom half of the paws, and then everything sewed together.

Materials used

Some of our tools: