Shirt Cut Meme (2023)

Shirt cut meme, aka your character in different cleavage flavors. A grid with five categories: sideboob, inner sideboob, boob window, underboob, free space.
Full meme
3D render of a male charr with orange fur and tiger stripes wearing black shorts and a black tank top with open sides. He's standing leisurely, both paws on his thighs, looking somewhere off to the right.
Sideboob (featuring Warrick Ashblood)
3D render of a nonbinary charr with light brown fur, a fluffy tail, and magical claws that glow bright purple. They're wearing dark gray baggy pants and a tight gray shirt that's so short it barely covers their pecs. The purple glow from their claws reflects off their light gray chest fur.
Underboob (featuring Varius)
3D render of a female charr against an abstract white background, wearing a steel eye patch on her left eye and a very minimal six-part steel plate bikini held together with small chains. She has brown fur and bright blue crystallized scars across her chest, left shoulder, and horns.
Free Space (featuring Zurena Snapbark)
3D render of a male charr with yellow fur in side view. He's heavily built and only wearing white underwear, while trying to pull on some black pants, which unfortunately are way too tight for him.
Bonus: Tight Pants Meme (featuring Garro Facebreaker)


I’ve done this meme previously with Kianga, but since I never get tired of putting charr in ridiculous outfits, I thought why not do it again? Just this time with my patrons’ characters:

This will be a little side project for the coming weeks, so stay tuned while I work on the other slots. 😼

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