Furry Fediverse Intro & Meet-Up

Event at Eurofurence 27
Simple announcement banner: Furry Fediverse Intro & Meet-Up, with the logos for Mastodon, Pixelfed, Firefish, and Lemmy. Come join us at Eurofurence 27! Monday 4th, 13:00 - 14:30, room Blu Chicago. More info at https://kianga.eu/+ef27fedi


Thank you to everyone who attended the panel! That was a lot of “firsts” for me, and I am sorry that we ran out of time and had to clear the room before we could get to the actual meet-up part. At least the presentation went smoothly, and I hope you found it helpful and entertaining. Hopefully we can try this again next year, with a little more experience! If you’d like to read about my experience at the panel and EF27 in general, I wrote a long report about it.

What’s all this stuff about Mastodon, Pixelfed, Firefish, and Lemmy? What’s the Fediverse and what do furries have to do with it?

Join us at Eurofurence 27 to find out! Connect with fellow furs, and snag some stickers while you’re there!

The event is scheduled for Monday, September 4th, 13:00–14:30 CEST in the room Chicago—that’s on the first floor of the Radisson Blu hotel connected to the CCH convention center.

You can also view the event page in the official Eurofurence schedule.

How to get there

Check out the virtual tour of the Radisson Blu: From the reception area, go up the spiral staircase. On the first floor, go left towards the red wall, then left again towards the area with the dark blue floor. Room Chicago is the third one, after Philadelphia and Dallas.


This is intended both as a friendly introduction for new users, and a meet-up for existing users.

As furries we tend to have friends all over the world, and staying connected is pretty important for us. Twitter used to be the place where the whole fandom meets online, but in recent months we’ve been scattering to different platforms—sometimes for technical reasons, sometimes for personal reasons.

Mastodon is one of these platforms, and I’d like to show you how it works, how it fits into this larger thing called the Fediverse, and why I think it’s a great fit for our community.

On a personal note: I’ve been in the fandom for a long time, but Eurofurence will be my first convention. You probably know how scary that can be! I want to use this event to contribute something to the community, and also to help people connect and find each other. So if this is your first convention too, you’re especially welcome! Don’t worry, we’re all a bit scared.


Our panel & Eurofurence

Mastodon instances

Quick recommendations for general-purpose furry instances:

  • Hosted in EU, CW required for adult content, politics, religion
  • Hosted in EU, CW required for adult content only

Browse furryfediverse.org for more instances, or check out a list of EU-hosted Fediverse instances.

Mastodon apps – Android

Mastodon apps – iOS

Mastodon apps – Web

You can always access your Mastodon account through your instance’s website, but alternative web clients offer different UIs and multi-account support.

  • Twitter-like, multi-account support (also check out Fedified’s version with added discovery features)
  • Clean UI, boost carousels, threading, multi-account support
  • Simple UI, focus on accessibility
  • Available on the web & as a mobile app

Mastodon apps – Other

  • Cross-platform client for Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey & more
  • Mastodon client for the command line
  • Apple II, Apple Macintosh OS, Commodore Amiga, IBM MVS, MS-DOS, Windows 95

Firefish instances

Pixelfed instances

Lemmy instances


Fediverse info & guides

Fediverse culture and history