Kianga Jaguar

Photo of me wearing my digitigrade fursuit, front view: Black fur with a gray chest and rainbow stripes going down along the sides and over the thighs. The head has amber eyes, a gray muzzle with soft teeth and a long red tongue, and a rainbow mane.
Digitigrade fursuit, front view
Photo of me wearing my digitigrade fursuit, back view: A large rainbow stripe flows down from the mane along the back and into the tail.
Digitigrade fursuit, back view
Fullsuit, video
Photo of me wearing my black jaguar partial fursuit: It has black fur, amber eyes, a grey muzzle with soft teeth and a long red tongue, and a rainbow-colored mane that flows between the ears down the back, and big fluffy digitigrade foot paws.
Partial fursuit
Photo of me wearing my fursuit, sitting on a white couch, legs up showing the colorful paw pads.
Partial fursuit, paws
Reference sheet for my black jaguar fursuit: He has black fur with charcoal on the chest and inside of the paws. Rainbow stripes go down to the left and right of his chest, and from the head down the back to the tip of his tail. The individual paw pads each have a different color: red, yellow, green, and blue. He has a piercing in his right ear and nose, and wears a spiked collar.
Fursuit reference sheet


My personal fursuit project, made in collaboration with my partner Kiza. A digitigrade black jaguar fursuit with the theme “RGB panther”, inspired by my profile icon.

Furtrack & social media
You can find more pictures of my suit on Furtrack. If you’ve taken pictures at an event, feel free to upload and use the character tag kianga_(jaguar), or tag me on social media. I’d love to see them too!

Photo of my black jaguar fursuit head mounted on a wooden table. It has black fur, amber eyes, a grey muzzle with soft teeth and a long red tongue, and a rainbow-colored mane that flows between the ears down the back.

3D-printed black PLA base using the Panther Feline Fursuit Headbase by Maimface, sublimated fursuit eye meshes by WMW66 Costumes, and ears made using the Big Cat Fursuit Ears pattern by TinnatuPaws.

It also has soft teeth made of stuffed minky fabric, magnetic eyelids, and two swappable magnetic tongues (short & long).

Fursuit head details

Parade tail

Photo of me wearing my fursuit tail: it has long shaggy rainbow-colored fur running along the upper half of the tail, and black fur on the bottom and on the tip.
Parade tail

A “super-motion tail” based on tutorials by Neffertity and Adamoshi, with a few modifications: The hole for the belt has been reinforced with a leather tube to prevent tearing of the foam, and it has an RGB LED strip running under the fur along its back for a little extra rainbow effect in the dark.

This is a very big tail that makes it difficult to sit, so it’s mostly suited for fursuit parades or dances.

Parade tail motion & close-up

Parade tail with built-in LED strip

Hand paws

Photo of two fursuit hand paws lying on soft white fabric: they have long black fur on the top, shorter charcoal fur on the palm, and short black fur and gray claws on the fingers. The palm and thumb paw pads are black, the other finger paw pads are red, yellow, green, and blue.
Hand paws

The hand paws are based on a slim-style puffy 5 finger pattern from Skunky Designs.

We used a slightly different option for the lining, with one half-lining sewed to the top half of the paws, then another half-lining put on the bottom half of the paws, and then everything sewed together.

Hand paws demo

Foot paws

Photo of two very large digitigrade fursuit paws standing on a wooden table. They're made of long black fur, and have gray claws and lining with a purple galaxy pattern.
Foot paws, front view

Photo of two large digitigrade fursuit foot paws lying on a wooden table, bottoms up to show the gray soles and colorful paw pads (red, yellow, green, blue, and black).
Foot paws, back view

The foot paws are based on the Digigrade 2.0 Fursuit Feetpaw Indoor and Outdoor Pattern by Spiltgrapesoda.

Foot paws, close-up view


Close-up photo of two fursuit sandals on a wooden table. They have colorful rainbow straps and black rubber soles.
Paw sandals

We’ve also made fursuit sandals to protect the indoor foot paws when going outside. They’re made of a softshell-like material wrapped around an EVA foam base, with anti-slip rubber soles glued to the bottom. They’re attached to the paw with 2 cm webbing straps with rainbow-colored ribbons sewn to the top side.

Paw sandals, details


A digitigrade bodysuit with a front-size zipper. We used a thin muslin fabric as lining for the digitigrade padding, and stuffed it with polyfill.

Casual tail

Photo of a fursuit tail on our balcony table. It has rainbow-colored fur on the top side and black fur on the bottom.
Casual tail

A much smaller tail based on the Cat Tail pattern by Skunky Designs. It’s stuffed with polyfill—very lightweight, flexible, and comfortable to wear.

Casual tail, details

Materials used

Some of our tools:

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