Obsidian plugin
Screenshot of two editor tabs in Obsidian with the following text: Just a simple plugin that converts ASCII punctuation like ‘single’ and “double” quotes, en-dashes (–) and em-dashes (—), apostrophes (here’s one) and horizontal ellipses (…) to the correct Unicode characters. Not very exciting—just a little practice project to learn how Obsidian plugins work!


This is a simple plugin for Obsidian that converts ASCII typography to the correct Unicode symbols for English writing, similar to the original SmartyPants plugin by John Gruber.

Text is replaced in reading mode only. This plugin does not interfere during editing or in live-preview mode, and Markdown files are never modified.

Downloads and build instructions can be found on GitHub.

I made this plugin for practice and for my personal use and it’s intentionally simple. There is currently no configuration, and no support for other languages or different kinds of quotation marks. More features might be added in the future.