Art & software
3D render of a female charr with brown fur wearing an outfit consisting of a steel eyepatch, spiked steel pauldrons and gauntlets, an olive cloak, a dark leather chest piece, leather pants reinforced with steel thigh plates, and steel boots.

Character & outfit commission for Bolty, of her charr commander Zurena Snapbark! This was such an awesome and fun design to work with, and I hope we’ll see more of Zurena in the future. Thank you so much for the commission!

3D Art, Animation — April 25, 2022

CatculationsPrompt 74: MATH

Cat brain is working hard!

3D Art, Animation — April 22, 2022

Pool Noodle TimeoutPrompt 73: NOODLES
3D render of a younger charr with orange fur and tiger stripes, sitting in a corner against a wall of mossy stone bricks. He has bright red pool noodles on his curved horns, his paws are resting on his knees, and he's grinning like he's already planning his next mischief.

How do you deal with unruly cubs at the fahrar? Pool noodle timeout. (I don’t think Ferox regrets anything though.)

3D Art — April 15, 2022

Hurricane of PainPrompt 72: PAIN

Ignado swinging his Catalyst’s Hammer to bring you a Hurricane of Pain For the prompt “pain”—thank you for your support!

3D Art — April 8, 2022

AppeasementPrompt 71: APPEASEMENT

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” (Winston Churchill) A more abstract scene for the prompt “appeasement” from my patron Ripa—thank you for your support! I don’t get to work with grayscale scenes very often and this was a fun opportunity.

3D Art — April 1, 2022

3D render of Warrick Ashblood, a charr elementalist standing in a dark marble hall. He’s wearing blue & black armor that reveals a muscular chest with orange fur and an x-shaped scar. A magical flame gem floats above his forehead, and glowing cables filled with a lava-like liquid protrude from his arms.

Warrick finally has a proper outfit, and it’ll be ported to VRChat soon! Thank you for the commission, and I hope you like it!

3D Art, Animation — March 28, 2022

Pool PartyPrompt 70: PARTY

Birthday pool party for Lacsap! A belated happy birthday to you, and thank you for your support! 💕 I hope you’ll all enjoy your weekend as much as these three!

3D Art — March 25, 2022

Burning RagePrompt 69: RAGE

Someone’s about to have a bad day, and it’s not Warrick here. Elementalists are always so much fun to work with. This week’s prompt was “rage” from my patron Warrick — thank you for your support!

3D Art — March 18, 2022

It’s been a while since I made a new model for my own charr - here is Storm Snowclaw, my elementalist! He’s uh, a bit eccentric.

3D Art — March 16, 2022

DrizzleboneVRChat Avatar
3D render of Drizzlebone, a male charr standing in a dark, rocky environment. He’s wearing armor made of dark green steel with a ghostly blue glow, skull-like shoulder armor, and chains draped decoratively around his neck, wrists, and waist. He’s also wielding a large, semi-transparent hammer in his right paw that glows in a similar ghostly blue color.

VRChat avatar commission for Drizzlebone, in collaboration with Rengyr for the VRChat adaptation.

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — March 14, 2022

“Is it done? Can I look?” Kianga posing for Bao, who painted this portrait for me back in 2018. For the prompt “art” - thank you, Bao, for your art AND your support! 💕

3D Art — March 11, 2022

Face-OffPrompt 68: FACEOFF

It’s a face-off between Garro and Ignado! Something’s missing though… This weekly prompt is for Tabra! Last week there was some silly talk on our Discord about challenging Garro’s “no-pants supremacy”, so here we are… Thank you for your support, regardless of outfit. 😼

3D Art — March 4, 2022

Foefire’s PowerPrompt 67: BRAG
3D render of a male charr with light gray fur standing in an abstract icy environment. He is not wearing any clothes and holding a giant magical frozen hammer (strategically placed for a little bit of decency), while looking at the viewer with a confident smirk.

Don’t you wish you had such a big hammer?

3D Art — February 25, 2022

3D render of a male charr with brown fur, leaning against a birch tree with his back to the viewer and stretching. He's only wearing a black leather jockstrap.

Remember to start your week with a big stretch!

3D Art — February 21, 2022

Darth KernasPrompt 66: SITH
3D render of Kernas Schi, a charr wearing elegant black clothing with gold accents and blue glowing elements. He’s standing in a sci-fi corridor that could be from one of the Star Wars movies. In his right paw he’s wielding a lightsaber, extended and glowing bright red, and his left paw is raised threateningly towards the viewer.

Kernas wants you to join the Dark Side, and I don’t think you’ll have much choice in the matter.

3D Art — February 18, 2022

VRChat avatar commission for Chaz, of their soft and fluffy charr Varius. They may not have claws, but that can be fixed with mesmer magic! That outfit was surprisingly fun to work with - fabric always intimidates me, but I think it turned out well? I hope you like it too, and thank you for the commission! 💜

3D Art, Virtual Reality — February 16, 2022

3D close-up render of my charr warrior Kianga Snowstorm, with a red eye patch on his left eye, sleeping shirtless and peacefully in the grass under a cherry tree.

I don’t think charr care much for Valentine’s Day. Shh, just let him sleep.

3D Art — February 13, 2022

Magic & TechnologyPrompt 65: LIGHT
3D render of a male charr with a red eye patch wearing black shorts and a red tank top. He's grinning at the viewer and holding up his right hand, which is enveloped in glowing red magic.

Is that what they call “green energy”? For the prompt LIGHT from my patron Ignado - thank you for your support!

3D Art — February 11, 2022

3D render of a female charr with golden fur and a fiery red mane lifting weights. She's standing somewhere outside on a frozen blue lake with snow drifts in the background, but the cold doesn't seem to bother her.

Tarra says freezing weather is no reason to skip your morning workout!

3D Art — February 7, 2022

Friendly SparPrompt 64: DARING
3D rendered scene of a charr soldier fighting against a Branded charr. The Branded is covered in obsidian and purple crystals, while the charr soldier is wearing steel armor from the boots to the waist, but nothing above. Despite the lack of protection, he looks rather confident, grinning at the Branded like he's enjoying the challenge.

No sparring partner? When you’re out there in the Brand, you gotta make do with what you have.

3D Art — February 4, 2022

VRChat avatar commission for Umber of her charr Thornphyre!

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — January 31, 2022

Praise the SunPrompt 63: PRAISE

Lacsap being grossly incandescent, for the prompt “praise”. I hope it’s not too obvious that I’ve never played Dark Souls. It’s on my increasingly long list of things to do!

3D Art — January 28, 2022

Go Climb A TreePrompt 62: HEALING
3D render of a charr with orange fur and black tiger stripes, sitting in a tree and enjoying a golden sunrise.

Seems like a pretty good time to go climb a tree?

3D Art — January 14, 2022

Black Lion KeyPrompt 61: KEY

Excited warrior! He found a key! (And he’s gonna get a revive orb.) For the prompt KEY from my patron Bao - thank you for your support! 💕

3D Art — January 7, 2022

VRChat avatar for Rouan of their charr, Zeno Darkspire! We might add a more complex outfit in the future. 👀 Thank you for the commission!

3D Art, Virtual Reality — January 4, 2022

DesperationPrompt 60: DESPERATION

Our final prompt for this year, DESPERATION, ended up a bit darker - but I think that’s only appropriate for 2021. Thank you, Tabra, and all my other wonderful patrons for your support this year! Here’s hoping that 2022 will finally give us all a well-deserved break. 💕

3D Art — December 31, 2021

Wintersday 2021Prompt 59: CONTRADICTION

Kianga is on his way to spread some Wintersday cheer! Based on the prompt CONTRADICTION from my patron Drizzlebone. Thank you for your support, and a happy Wintersday - hope you’ll have a blast! 🎄🧨

3D Art — December 24, 2021

AstralariaPrompt 58: STARS

Kernas Schi wielding Astralaria, perhaps my favorite legendary weapon from the game. ✨

3D Art — December 17, 2021

Charr hug? Commission for Jynxamina, of her soft and fluffy charr Magna wearing the Wedding Attire outfit. Ported to VRChat by Rengyr!

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — December 15, 2021

Disaster CharrPrompt 57: SENTIMENT
3D render of a male charr with orange fur and black tiger stripes, standing outside after sunset in front of a group of pine trees. One of them is on fire, almost entirely engulfed in flames. The charr has his back to the tree and is staring at the viewer with a knowing expression, similar to the "disaster girl" meme.

Someone’s had enough Wintersday cheer for today.

3D Art — December 10, 2021

DictatorshipPrompt 56: DICTATORSHIP

I’ve always found it interesting that despite their militaristic society, the charr don’t seem very fond of the idea of having a new Khan-Ur as their supreme leader. Inspired by the prompt DICTATORSHIP from my patron Ripa. Thank you for your support!

3D Art — December 3, 2021

Metal LacsapPrompt 55: MUSIC
3D render of a male charr (Bloodeye Lacsap) in full battle armor against a fiery background, playing the Musical Bass Guitar from the Guild Wars 2 gem store. The guitar has a crazy design with gears, spikes, and (for some reason) three exhaust pipes that shoot flames. Lacsap looks like he's thoroughly enjoying it.

Lacsap has a guitar now, and he’s not afraid to use it! 🤘

3D Art — November 26, 2021

Morning CoffeePrompt 54: COFFEE
3D render of a male charr with orange fur and black tiger stripes, enjoying a cup of coffee. He's breathing in the steam rising from the cup, and looking very relaxed. There are wooden barrels and panels in the background, slightly out of focus.

In this world of constant battle, we are the deadliest weapons of all - after we’ve had our coffee.

3D Art — November 19, 2021

Outfit commission for Ignado Flaredancer, based on Mist Shard Armor from the game! The outfit will be ported to VRChat as well. Thank you for the commission!

3D Art, Virtual Reality — November 18, 2021

Minecart RidePrompt 53: TRANSPORT
3D render of a charr with yellow fur sitting in a minecart somewhere in an underground cave. He's not wearing clothes for some reason but holding his battle axe and it looks like he's fleeing from somewhere. The minecart track sits on high beams, with lava glow coming from below, and the track is coming out of a hole in the wall far in the distance that's illuminated by torchlight. The whole bizarre scene looks like it could be from an Indiana Jones movie.

Garro Facebreaker and the Temple of Doom?

3D Art — November 12, 2021

Peacemaker's HammerPrompt 52: PEACEMAKER

A Peacemaker’s Hammer, scaled up to charr size - because the bigger the weapon, the more peace it can make, right? 👀 Based on the prompt “peacemaker” from my patron Ripa. Thank you for your support!

3D Art — November 5, 2021

Part two of a big project featuring Kernas, this time with a full outfit based on the Astral Scholar Outfit from the game. Hope you like him!

3D Art — November 4, 2021

Originally I wanted to render an animation with all the charr I’d ever made here, but it turned out Blender and/or my hardware can’t handle this. A whole legion of Kiangas worked fine though!

3D Art, Animation — October 30, 2021

3D render of a cocktail glass filled with a black oily liquid and decorated with blueberries, with Kianga's paw resting next to it.

Iron Legion calls this one “Engine Grease” and you probably don’t want to know how it’s made.

3D Art — October 28, 2021

3D render of a male charr with brown fur but turned into a werewolf, howling at the sky against a huge full moon. No clothes (but shadows for decency), his muzzle is elongated like a wolf's, spikes are growing from his shoulders, and his eyes, mouth, and hands are glowing with fiery magic.

If you think werewolves are dangerous, imagine what ancient magic the curse of lycanthropy might awaken in a charr.

3D Art — October 27, 2021

Kianga sitting at a table, looking frustrated at a pile of screws, bolts, and other parts that belong to some kind of weapon. He's sitting next to a box that looks like packaging for a child's toy: bright colors, and text in New Krytan that reads: NEW / CANTHAN GUNSABER / FOR BIG WARRIORS ONLY / SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.

“The latest in weapons technology from Cantha”, that dealer from Lion’s Arch had said. If only it had come with assembly instructions.

3D Art — October 23, 2021

How would a charr soldier wear their dog tag? A chain around their massive neck would have to be awkwardly long, so I thought: why not use an engraved wristband instead?

3D Art, Animation — October 22, 2021

3D render of a charr paw with brown fur pouring molten lava into a cocktail glass. There's a large red chili pepper lying next to the glass.

“Titan’s Blood” was a popular cocktail among the shamans of the old Flame Legion. Needless to say, it’s a little… spicy.

3D Art — October 21, 2021

3D render of two charr standing back to back in front of a Blood Legion banner and waving at the viewer. A male charr with brown fur and a red eye patch on the left, and a female charr with golden fur on the right. Both are only wearing loincloths, showing off their muscles.

Long or short tail fur? I can promise you, it won’t make a difference if you meet them on the battlefield.

3D Art — October 19, 2021

3D render of a male charr with brown fur and yellow eyes, resting in hot springs with deep blue water and white cliffs in the background. There is a fancy cocktail standing next to him on a rock. A red and black rubber duck floats in the water in the background, and another charr with orange fur and black tiger strips seems very interested in it.

Mmm, hot springs! Time for a warrior to relax with his, uh, Blood Legion tactical water exercise… duck.

3D Art — October 17, 2021

3D render of a cocktail standing on a red coaster with the Blood Legion emblem on it. There's a red liquid in the glass, with a chunk of raw meat on a cocktail skewer, and a slice of blood orange.

The “Slice and Dice” is a Blood Legion favorite: Blood whiskey, a slice of blood orange, and raw diced beef. Mmmm. What? What’s wrong with some meat in your whiskey?

3D Art — October 14, 2021

3D render of a male charr in full steel armor next to a concrete wall. He's holding his head like he's in pain. The wall next to him has a large crack that's suspiciously the same size as his head.

While “head through the wall” can indeed be a viable tactic, it is important to recognize the difference between a brick wall and steel-reinforced concrete.

3D Art — October 10, 2021

3D render of a polearm weapon clashing against a large steel shield, sparks flying. Both the weapon and the shield have a Blood Legion design.

The weapon is a battle staff (based on the Reclaimed Staff from Guild Wars 2) that I originally made for my charr revenant, Ark - I just didn’t have much opportunity to use it yet.

3D Art — October 8, 2021

3D render of a charr with brown fur in a red apron, standing behind a bar. There's a cocktail glass with the Ash Legion emblem in front of him, filled with a clear liquid and two decorative lemon slices.

For the four legion prompts this Charrtober, we’re mixing cocktails: The Cloak and Dagger (shaken and stirred) is popular among Ash Legion agents - goes down smooth but packs a punch! Thank you to my patron Ignado for the drinks idea, and to Tabra for the name of this cocktail.

3D Art — October 7, 2021

3D render of a charr in full battle armor. He's holding a red hand grenade in the shape of an apple, with a green leaf as the safety pin.

I wonder who would build a grenade disguised as an apple… 🤔 In memory of Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw, of course. 🍎

3D Art — October 5, 2021

Full-body character commission for Kuragari of their smol fluffy charr, Kernas. To better demonstrate the full extent of his smolness, I’ve included a group picture with Kianga and Ferox (who also belongs to Kuragari). Charr come in all sizes!

3D Art — October 5, 2021

3D render of a male charr in full steel armor, standing in the middle of a dimly lit Escher-like maze made of black marble stairs with golden handrails. The stairs are arranged in confusing ways, some going sideways or upside down. The charr is holding on to a handrail and looking lost.

This place is crazier than the Mad King’s Labyrinth… For this prompt, I wanted to make one of those “weird geometry” environments. I actually rebuilt the whole place from M. C. Escher’s “Relativity” which was a mistake because it cost me like half a day, and it turned out very difficult to light properly. Eventually I ran out of time and used only a smaller part of it for the final scene… On the positive side though, I had a lot of fun building this.

3D Art — October 3, 2021

3D render featuring two characters in an outdoor setting: a female charr is standing behind a male charr and holding a paw over his eyes. He looks surprised but is smiling, like they're just having fun. She has golden fur and eyes and a red mane, he has brown fur, yellow eyes, and a red eye patch. Both are wearing short black pants and red tank tops with a Blood Legion design.

Oh no, it’s an ambush! 🙀 Perhaps not entirely in-character for those two, but I guess even Blood centurions can be silly sometimes!

3D Art — October 2, 2021

Kianga hasn’t figured out yet how to stop bullets in mid-air, but he’s gotten pretty good at dodging them! A little homage to The Matrix, for the first day of Charrtober: NIMBLE.

3D Art, Animation — October 1, 2021

Bust sculpting commission for MadKakerlaken of her most handsome necromancer, Yahuk Thornheart. 3D printed too! Thank you so much for the commission - I hope you like him! 💕

3D Art — September 23, 2021

PrimalPrompt 51: PRIMAL
3D render of a feral looking charr with tiger stripes in a primeval rainforest at dawn, shrouded in mist and with mostly red and purple colors. His head is raised in a roar and his eyes are glowing red.

When charr ruled the earth…

3D Art — September 17, 2021

Character commission for Salem of their big wolf dragon boy, Salem. Watch out for him in VRChat soon! I had a lot of fun with this, thank you so much for the commission! 💜

3D Art — September 16, 2021

I’ve already posted a preview of her, but here is a full render of Tarra with at least some minimal clothing. Blood Legion issue, of course.

3D Art — September 14, 2021

ButterfliesPrompt 50: BUTTERFLIES
3D render of a male charr with reddish brown fur, teal eyes, and a brown eye patch. He's wearing full steel armor with a fluffy gray pelt over his shoulders, and a dozen colorful butterflies (red, yellow, blue, gray - the colors of the charr legions) are sitting on him.

Lacsap has united the butterfly legions!

3D Art — September 10, 2021

Happy Biceptember from Kianga! Just a little bit of motivation to start off the week. 💪

3D Art — September 6, 2021

Might of the LegionsPrompt 49: IMPLACABLE

Based on the prompt “implacable” by my patron Ripa. Thank you for your support! 💕

3D Art — September 3, 2021

Kianga no Kianga why (Tried to do the Jack-O pose… at least as far as I can manage with his rig. He’s not getting younger, you know?)

3D Art — August 31, 2021

Green ThumbPrompt 48: GROWTH

All things have a right to grow. Especially when they turn into food for hungry charr. A little scene for the prompt “growth” from my patron Tabra. Thank you for your support! 🌱

3D Art — August 30, 2021

Elemental MixologyPrompt 47: MIXOLOGY

Aside from their destructive power on the battlefield, elementalists can also mix awesome cocktails. Warrick here has kindly volunteered to make a “Burned Soldier” - you have to drink it while it’s still on fire, obviously. For the prompt “mixology” - thank you, Warrick, for your support, and for the cocktail!

3D Art — August 25, 2021

A little preview of my next charr: not a commission this time, but Snow Warband’s centurion, Tarra Shieldcrush. Haven’t made clothes for her yet, hence the uh… creative lighting. Given her temperament, I would not recommend staring.

3D Art — August 24, 2021

VaccinatedPrompt 46: LIBERATION
3D art of a shirtless charr warrior wearing an eyepatch and a black and red plaster on his left shoulder. Left fist clenched, right paw holding his arm, looking directly at the viewer.

One less enemy to worry about. Fully vaccinated warrior, for the prompt “liberation” from my patron Ripa. Blood Legion has the coolest (war)band-aids. A personal note: Just because vaccinations aren’t a big deal for some doesn’t mean everyone can be so relaxed. I’ve had some traumatic experiences with doctors in my childhood, and my relationship with medical procedures is rather tense. Getting vaccinated is the right thing to do, but I felt that neither traditional nor social media were helping much with that.

3D Art — August 23, 2021

Full-body character and armor commission for Coffee Kitten: his fierce charr lady, Tamka Ironpaw!

3D Art, Animation — August 20, 2021

FreedomPrompt 45: FREEDOM

Freedom Lacsap going diving, inspired by his prompt “freedom” for this month. Thank you for your support!

3D Art — August 6, 2021

My first dragon character with wings! A VRChat avatar commission in collaboration with Driggs, Ixen comes in two shapes: with wings and wingless, with optional glow marks, and even a leather jacket. Each can be toggled individually. Hope you like him!

3D Art, Virtual Reality — July 30, 2021

Gardening GarroPrompt 44: GARDENING

Tomato inspection! I think Garro is satisfied? I’m quite proud of my creative solutions to Garro’s ongoing lack of clothes. Based on the prompt “gardening” from my patron Tabra - as always, thank you for your support! 💛

3D Art — July 14, 2021

Claw of the Khan-UrPrompt 43: INDEPENDENCE

“Think there’ll ever be another Khan-Ur to lead you?” — “Made it this far without one. Why fix something that ain’t broke?”

3D Art — July 13, 2021

BoopPrompt 42: BOOP

My patron Warrick asked for “boop” as this month’s prompt, and I thought I’d practice my animation skills a bit. I know it’s far from perfect, but I still had fun with this. 😼

3D Art, Animation — July 10, 2021

Garro demonstrating a “battle ropes” workout - except charr don’t use silly ropes. This was a fun scene to work on - thank you for your support! 💛

3D Art — July 8, 2021

Lightning CatcherPrompt 41: THUNDERSTORM
3D render of a charr warrior standing in a thunderstorm, holding up one of his two battle axes as it is struck by lightning. The electricity arcs down along his steel armor and over his other axe into the ground. His entire armor is outlined brightly from the lightning, and there is also a faint red glow from a warrior skill that prevents him from taking any damage.

For the prompt “thunderstorm” from my patron Lacsap, I was wondering how a warrior might catch lightning (and survive). Luckily we’ve got [Endure Pain]!

3D Art — July 8, 2021

Someone is about to learn the painful lesson that there is no such thing as an unarmed elementalist. 3D character commission for Warrick of his charr, Warrick Ashblood. Thank you for the commission! 💕

3D Art — July 6, 2021

PatriotPrompt 40: PATRIOT

True heroes aren’t patriots - they overcome patriotism. From Blood Legion to the Vigil and then to the Pact: Almorra never got stuck in close-minded thinking about one group being better than others. She moved past all that and united all of Tyria against the Elder Dragons. Based on the prompt “patriot” from my patron Ripa. Thank you for your support! 💙

3D Art — June 28, 2021

Rainbow ButtPrompt 39: PRANK
3D render of a male charr with brown fur in a locker room, surrounded by colorful paint buckets. He's naked and has his back turned towards the viewer. Rainbow flags are painted on his butt cheeks and a red heart on his flexed right biceps. He's glancing back over his shoulder with a confident grin.

“You call that a prank? I’ll wear it with pride!”

3D Art — June 25, 2021

Citadel Assault Glider Mk. IIPrompt 38: DROPPING

After careful review of the Citadel Assault Glider design, United Legion engineers came to the conclusion that it wasn’t quite assault-y enough. The Mk. II here features 3,000 pounds of “enhancements”. Based on the prompt “dropping” from my patron Lacsap - thank you for your support!

3D Art — June 24, 2021

3D rendered battle scene featuring two charr, Ripa Soulkeeper and Almorra Soulkeeper, fighting a horde of Branded charr in a desert environment, with a dark purple sky and lightning in the background. They're both wearing full steel armor of the Vigil, wielding short swords and large shields. A magical blue shield surrounds them, and Ripa is striking at one of the Branded with his sword, snarling.

3D scene commission for Ripa, featuring his charr fighting alongside Almorra Soulkeeper, against three Branded charr!

3D Art — June 23, 2021

It’s the Blood Legion summer collection! I found this meme on Twitter and thought it would make a fun diversion between commission work. See also the 2023 version of this meme, featuring my patrons’ characters.

3D Art — June 18, 2021