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If you beat your head against the wall, it is your head that breaks and not the wall? Whoever said that has obviously never met a charr.

3D Art — February 22, 2021

Spiritual isn’t a word that I’d usually associate with Citadel charr. (Different story with Olmakhan, of course.) But for a regular charr soldier, the closest thing they have to a “religion” is probably their legion?

3D Art — February 15, 2021

ShinyPrompt 20: GREED

There’s a skritt in all of us…Scene for the prompt “greed” from my patron Lacsap, featuring his charr bathing in Mystic Coins. Many shiny thanks for your support! ✨

3D Art — February 12, 2021

I hope I’m not boring people with these daily scenes. I know they’re not terribly exciting, but I find them relaxing and it’s kinda fun to try and come up with new ideas using only poses and lighting.

3D Art — February 11, 2021

Full-body commission for Lacsap of his charr, Bloodeye Lacsap This model is optimized and rigged for VRChat (~40k polygons), although I’m still working on some issues with full-body tracking.

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — February 11, 2021

Most shy expressions I looked up for reference had both hands covering the face somehow, I’m just glad he has a tail too. 😼

3D Art — February 10, 2021

Cooking ContestPrompt 19: HONOR

Not all honor is won on the battlefield - some of the most glorious battles happen in the kitchen. For the prompt “honor” from my patron Ripa, I tried to design a charr trophy - first place in the annual Butcher’s Block cooking contest! Thank you, Ripa, for your support! 🧡

3D Art — February 10, 2021

Made two versions for this prompt. The second one probably feels more chaotic, but I thought it was relying too much on the background texture, while the whole point of the portrait exercise was practicing poses and expressions. I still like it though, so I kept both.

3D Art — February 9, 2021

Tomes of KnowledgePrompt 18: EXPERIENCE

“I don’t mind reading one book, but 674 of them? And they’re all the same!” Tome of Knowledge: Double-click to consume. I really got some use out of that asset huh? Silly scene for the prompt “experience” from my patron Tabra. Thank you for your support! 💛

3D Art — February 9, 2021

Be My Compass?Prompt 17: ROMANCE

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day from Kianga! I hadn’t planned to do a Valentine’s scene this year, but when I got the prompt “romance” from my patron Warrick it was the perfect opportunity. The dandelions (and title) are a little nod to Far Beyond the World. 😼 Of course we’re a bit early for Valentine’s Day, but since I’ve got a full schedule this month I wanted to have this prepared in advance.

3D Art — February 8, 2021

I’m not quite sure if “cheeky” is the best word for this one, but I guess it’s cute at least. I just knew I wanted something with a blep. 😼

3D Art — February 6, 2021

The idea for today’s prompt “mysterious” was stolen, err, inspired by this gorgeous art by Vae:

3D Art — February 4, 2021

For day two we have the prompt “menacing”, and Tabra suggested I do a certain meme. I didn’t know the reference previously, but I hope I did it correctly. 😹

3D Art — February 2, 2021

Soo, I want to do the 28 Portrait Challenge this month, with the goal of practicing my character expressions. For day one we have “feisty” - an easy start, because I feel that’s often Kianga’s default expression. 😼

3D Art — February 1, 2021

A little motivation for your Monday!

3D Art — January 31, 2021

A virtual pinboard featuring artwork of my characters done by other artists over the years—either commissioned by me, or gifted to me.

3D Art — January 22, 2021

Tiny WarriorPrompt 16: NURTURE

He’ll be fierce and strong one day!

3D Art, Animation — January 20, 2021

A Frost Legion version of Kernas Schi, based on a previous sculpt. Less fluffy, but still handsome!

3D Art — January 18, 2021

Fifth Legion WhiskeyPrompt 15: TRADITION

“The charr have a tradition with whiskey that’s almost as old as that with war - the former is much more pleasant though! I recently had the privilege of visiting one of our finest breweries, Fifth Legion Whiskey in Lion’s Arch.” Scene for my patron Warrick, based on the prompt “tradition” and referencing a short story he wrote a while ago. Thank you for both! 🧡

3D Art — January 15, 2021

One planet, two moons. (I’ve always wanted to try a space scene.)

3D Art — January 15, 2021

“Need a head bashed in?” I had a lot of fun modeling the Genesis hammer, Garro’s signature weapon. Thank you Tabra for the commission!

3D Art — January 13, 2021

3D bust of Ranok from the fantasy visual novel “Far Beyond the World” by Kael Tiger

3D Art, Animation — January 8, 2021

Sculpted bust commission featuring Yami Whitemane! It was a pleasure working on your charr, thank you for the commission! 🧡

3D Art, Animation — January 4, 2021

Well, this has been a year. Thank you for the kind support and encouragement, and I wish you all a happy new year 2021! Please stay safe and healthy!

3D Art — December 31, 2020

Night FlightPrompt 14: PERSPECTIVE

One of my favorite moments in battle is gliding down from high above - gives you a whole new perspective on the battlefield. For the prompt “perspective” from my patron Warrick Ashblood, I thought I’d model the Citadel Assault Glider which I also use in game. Turned out a bit more complex than I anticipated, but I’m glad I did it - now Kianga can bring death from above! I hope you like it, and thank you for your support, Warrick!

3D Art — December 29, 2020

Wintersday CharrPrompt 13: WINTERSDAY TREE

For the prompt “Wintersday tree” from Coffee Kitten: Don’t just decorate the tree, become the tree. Kianga and Bruce wish you happy holidays - and thank you for all the support and encouragement this year! 🎄

3D Art — December 23, 2020

My second full-body charr commission: Ignado Flaredancer, Flame Legion Shaman! It was a real pleasure working with his design, and I hope you like him too! Thank you for the commission! Credit for the Binding of Ipos book (original design by ArenaNet) goes to my partner Keeya, who let us use his model for the rendered scene:

3D Art — December 22, 2020

A full set of Blood Legion armor for my charr warrior, based on a custom design by Wilderwuff. I don’t have much experience with armor modeling and design yet, and having concept art to work with has been invaluable. Thank you so much, Wuff! This is for the legionnaire rank; there will also be separate outfits for the soldier and centurion ranks. You can also see the concepts for these above.

3D Art — December 11, 2020

“If you think I can fight, wait till you see me dance.” Reeva was chosen in last month’s Patreon poll. Took a bit longer than intended as I’m still struggling with female charr faces, but after seeing her painted I think it’s reasonably close? Hope you like her! Background credit: Screenshot from Hero’s Canton in Guild Wars 2 by ArenaNet

3D Art — November 27, 2020

An experimental scene - I find it refreshing to try something stylized once in a while. With Kianga this usually means VERY RED. 😼

3D Art — November 24, 2020

Animation commission for Tabra! 🤘 Unlike my sculpted busts, Garro has paws and he’s not afraid to use them.

3D Art, Animation — November 23, 2020

Sculpted bust for Sayna Jaye of her wonderful soft gentle giant charr, Teklau Darkwrench. Thank you for the commission! 💙

3D Art, Animation — November 20, 2020

Warrior BannersPrompt 12: SUPPORT

A trained warrior isn’t just a formidable opponent on the battlefield, their banners also inspire allies—and they’re great for parties! 🎉 Based on the prompt “support” from my patron the Coffee Kitten - thank you for your support! 💙

3D Art — November 15, 2020

ProtectPrompt 11: PROTECT

Blood Legion isn’t just great at taking things from the enemy, we’re pretty darn good at keeping them too. Another part in my favorite series “who needs clothes when you have weapons”: I modeled the Blood Legion Shield for the prompt “protect” from my patron Tabra.

3D Art — November 13, 2020

KiangawooPrompt 10: SWAP

My charr warrior, Kianga Snowstorm, turned into a wolf. How did this happen? 🐺 Quick sculpting project for the prompt “swap” from my patron Warrick. Thank you for your support! 🧡

3D Art — November 12, 2020

Third Charrtober Special commission of a very fluffy charr, Haelios Sunkeeper. Thank you for the commission! 🧡 Background image credit: Jason Leung on Unsplash

3D Art, Animation — November 11, 2020

Keep your weapons sharp, and your claws sharper! (Just a quick scene, I feel we could all use some extra motivation these days.)

3D Art — November 11, 2020

Second Charrtober Special commission featuring Kernas Schi - thank you for the commission! 💜

3D Art, Animation — November 5, 2020

The first of my Charrtober Specials, of Ignado Flaredancer. It was a pleasure working on this handsome charr - thank you for the commission!

3D Art, Animation — November 2, 2020

All my artwork from Charrtober 2020, my yearly 3D art challenge featuring my favorite ferocious felines from the fantasy MMO Guild Wars 2.

3D Art — October 31, 2020

Don’t you hate slogging through snow? What if you could just float over it on a murderous machine made of flames and spikes? Like a snowboard, except made for war… the… Snow Warboard?

3D Art — October 31, 2020

When I first met Steel Warband in that vision, I hoped we might be able to turn some of them to our side. But charr don’t leave their warband like a human would quit a job. They are bound, by more than blood.

3D Art — October 27, 2020

I wonder if Dominion Commendations are given out by the Dominion (and then taken by us as loot), or by the United Legions for defeating Dominion forces. In any case, they’re probably meant to be smaller (and pinned to a uniform maybe?) but I thought I’d turn this one into a medal instead.

3D Art — October 24, 2020

The weather… very peculiar, don’t you think? A little homage to The Lion King, a very special film from my childhood. Now with charr. And I don’t really know what Skarr is doing up there. Probably telling Kianga to stay away from those mushrooms.

3D Art — October 23, 2020

Went to battle and forgot your sword at home? No problem, your friendly elementalist always has your back with a fiery greatsword! Just make sure your shirt is non-flammable. Unless you forgot that too.

3D Art — October 21, 2020

There’s a formidable arsenal available at the United Legions waystations. Explosive charges, medizookas, even EMPs. One rumor about those says that if you know the right settings, you can actually use them to cook a steak. 🤔

3D Art — October 20, 2020

The world is full of opposites: Light and shadow. Friends and enemies. The daily life of a Blood legionnaire and - very rarely - sweet, sweet silence.

3D Art — October 18, 2020

You don’t hear them coming from miles away like Iron. They don’t boast or brawl like Blood. If Ash is your enemy, you won’t even see a face as a dagger pierces your back.

3D Art — October 17, 2020

GodsPrompt 9: GODS

Charr have a long history with gods. It never ends well… for the gods. Based on the prompt “gods” from my patron Tabra. I used the opportunity to practice modeling the helmet from one of the Balthazar statues you can find in Orr. I’m happy with the result - I think I finally found a good workflow for modeling armor and then sculpting details on top. Thank you Tabra for your support!

3D Art — October 14, 2020

A recreation of one of the earliest scenes I’ve ever rendered with Kianga, for his sixth (in-game) birthday. Now he has passed his eighth, which means two additional chocolate cakes to balance. No worries, he’s a big charr and still has room for more.

3D Art — October 13, 2020

Smodur the Unflinching, Imperator of the Iron Legion (Guild Wars 2 fan art) “I had to fight tooth and claw to pull the others into Ebonhawke. And look at what happened: without that treaty, we never would’ve beaten back Zhaitan. Or Mordremoth. Or Kralkatorrik. Without the treaty—my treaty—Tyria would be gone.”

3D Art — October 12, 2020

Kianga trying out the Medizooka - I am pretty sure this is not safe, for anyone involved.

3D Art — October 11, 2020

Did you ever wake up in a dark alley, with no idea how you got there, holding a bunch of explosives with a lit fuse? Yeah, me neither. Luckily for Kianga, these things happen only during Charrtober.

3D Art — October 10, 2020

@kaapora_art asked on Twitter: “Do charr have four earbuds???” I hope this answers that. 😼

3D Art, Animation — October 10, 2020

No nerdy tinkerers hiding in engineering workshops—they’re very much charr with sharp claws and an iron will to win.

3D Art — October 9, 2020

“Drinking it will probably not have any lasting effects.” Uh, can I get a second opinion on that? (Mmm, Jormag Juice.)

3D Art — October 8, 2020

It became quite clear early on at the fahrar that Kianga’s strengths were more of the… physical kind.

3D Art — October 5, 2020

“Did someone call a medic?” Skarr is excited about getting to heal the warband by shooting them. For some reason his ‘bandmates do not quite share his enthusiasm.

3D Art — October 3, 2020

Charr are proud of their scars. They remind us of battles we’ve survived, and that we’re still standing. But not all scars come from the battlefield - some battles are fought within ourselves. Are they worth less, or more?

3D Art — October 2, 2020

Starting Charrtober with something simple: the banner of my second-favorite legion. At least… more recently. 🔥

3D Art — October 1, 2020

You can blame my patron Tabra this time: “You said you liked hoodies without sleeves, but are you ready for sleeves without the hoodie?” Based on this Twitter outfit meme:

3D Art — September 26, 2020

RainPrompt 8: RAIN

Who said cats don’t like water? Based on the prompt “rain” from my patron Bao. Also added a whole waterfall in the background, for good measure. 😼 I’ve always found rendering rain difficult - I’ve tried it once or twice before and usually it ends up barely visible unless I use weird shader and lighting tricks. Same here, but overall I think I’m happy with the progress I’ve made. Hope you agree!

3D Art — September 20, 2020

GardenPrompt 7: GARDEN

During the warband’s last visit to Lion’s Arch they came across a human merchant who sold tiny trees. Said they came from Cantha, but surely that can’t be right? In any case, Skarr decided they’re adorable (the trees, not the merchant) and had to buy one. Based on the prompt “garden” from my patron, the wonderful Coffee Kitten. Thank you for your support! 💙

3D Art — September 14, 2020

ConquerPrompt 6: CONQUER

When my patron Tabra gave me the prompt “conquer” for this month, my first thought was some kind of battle scene, obviously. So I did an image search for inspiration, and the first thing that popped up was a famous poster featuring Arnie in front of a crowd… and I knew what I had to do.

3D Art — September 8, 2020

Ready to slay your pixels! Just a quick experiment with a low-poly style. I’ve always wanted to try this - it’s kinda cute, but also more time-consuming than I expected. Not sure if I want to go further in that direction, but it was a fun little project. :)

3D Art — September 5, 2020

SavronSculpted Bust

Bust sculpting commission for Lolsanchez3 of his dragon character, Savron.

3D Art — September 3, 2020