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3D render of a male charr with brown fur, wearing black shorts, a red tank top, and a red eye patch. He's holding a massive flaming sword in both of his paws, staring at the viewer.

Went to battle and forgot your sword at home? No problem, your friendly elementalist always has your back with a fiery greatsword! Just make sure your shirt is non-flammable. Unless you forgot that too.

3D Art — October 21, 2020

3D render of a male charr with brown fur wearing a red tank top. He's holding a large, rusted device that looks like a radio in his left paw, and scratching his chin with his right, trying to figure out how this thing works.

There’s a formidable arsenal available at the United Legions waystations. Explosive charges, medizookas, even EMPs. One rumor about those says that if you know the right settings, you can actually use them to cook a steak. 🤔

3D Art — October 20, 2020

3D render of a male charr with brown fur in a lotus pose, floating above a giant glowing lotus flower, with a dark blue sea and a starry night sky in the background. He's wearing black shorts, a red tank top, and a red eye patch, and he has a peaceful expression with his eyes closed.

The world is full of opposites: Light and shadow. Friends and enemies. The daily life of a Blood legionnaire and - very rarely - sweet, sweet silence.

3D Art — October 18, 2020

3D render of an Ash Legion banner with fall-colored trees in the blurry background. The banner is a spiraling star shape on top of a while vertical bar, with black bars to the left and right.

You don’t hear them coming from miles away like Iron. They don’t boast or brawl like Blood. If Ash is your enemy, you won’t even see a face as a dagger pierces your back.

3D Art — October 17, 2020

GodsPrompt 9: GODS
3D close-up render of a charr foot paw with yellow fur and long brown claws, resting on a broken helmet somewhere in a desert. Burning embers are scattered around the helmet, and a blurry pyramid is visible in the background.

Charr have a long history with gods. It never ends well… for the gods.

3D Art — October 14, 2020

3D render of a male charr with a red eye patch, wearing black pants and a red tank top, and standing in a bar with bar stools and bottles in the background. He's balancing seven small chocolate cakes, each with a candle: one cake in each of his hands, one on his right bicep, one on his left shoulder, one on his head, one on his right foot raised up, one on his thigh, and another one on the end of his tail. Despite the crazy pose, he seems to be having a lot of fun.

A recreation of one of the earliest scenes I’ve ever rendered with Kianga, for his sixth (in-game) birthday. Now he has passed his eighth, which means two additional chocolate cakes to balance. No worries, he’s a big charr and still has room for more.

3D Art — October 13, 2020

3D render of a male charr on a parachute, high up in the air against a blue sky. He's wearing a red eye patck, black shorts, and a red tank top, and is firing a giant weapon from his shoulder that looks like a rocket launcher.

Kianga trying out the Medizooka - I am pretty sure this is not safe, for anyone involved.

3D Art — October 11, 2020

3D render of a male charr with black pants, a red tank top, and a red eye patch. He's standing in a dark alley and holding a giant pack of dynamite sticks that have been taped together. The fuse is lit and he's looking at it with panic, screaming.

Did you ever wake up in a dark alley, with no idea how you got there, holding a bunch of explosives with a lit fuse? Yeah, me neither.

3D Art — October 10, 2020

@kaapora_art asked on Twitter: “Do charr have four earbuds???” I hope this answers that. 😼

3D Art, Animation — October 10, 2020

3D render of a Iron Legion banner against a background of steel and fire. The banner has a gear with a chain threaded through it, laid on top of a while background between two steel blue bars.

No nerdy tinkerers hiding in engineering workshops—they’re very much charr with sharp claws and an iron will to win.

3D Art — October 9, 2020

3D render of a male charr with brown fur, a red eye patch, and a red tank top. He's holding a bottle with mysteriously glowing blue liquid, obviously not sure if he should drink it.

“Drinking it will probably not have any lasting effects.” Uh, can I get a second opinion on that? (Mmm, Jormag Juice.)

3D Art — October 8, 2020

3D render of a male charr in black shorts and a red tank top. He's standing in front of a blackboard, chalk in one paw. There's a crude drawing and some physics equations on the blackboard, probably related to catapults, but he looks very confused about it all.

It became quite clear early on at the fahrar that Kianga’s strengths were more of the… physical kind.

3D Art — October 5, 2020

3D render of a male charr with gray fur and a yellow mane, holding a massive bazooka-like weapon. It has multiple exhausts which are glowing brightly. Another weapon rests next to him on a steel crate, with painted-on text more clearly visible. It says "Medizooka Mk. 1, Blood Legion" in large white letters. Towards the front there's a red arrow with the smaller text "This end towards patient" and "Apply directly to forehead".

“Did someone call a medic?” Skarr is excited about getting to heal the warband by shooting them. For some reason his ‘bandmates do not quite share his enthusiasm.

3D Art — October 3, 2020

3D render of a male charr with blue eyes, dark grey fur, and a yellow mane against a dark background with barbed wire. He's shirtless and gently holding a paw over his left arm, where some scars are visible - they look self-inflicted.

Charr are proud of their scars. They remind us of battles we’ve survived, and that we’re still standing. But not all scars come from the battlefield - some battles are fought within ourselves. Are they worth less, or more?

3D Art — October 2, 2020

3D render of a Flame Legion banner: An abstract flame-like symbol on a background with a large red vertical stripe between two smaller yellow stripes.

Starting Charrtober with something simple: the banner of my second-favorite legion. At least… more recently. 🔥

3D Art — October 1, 2020

You can blame my patron Tabra this time: “You said you liked hoodies without sleeves, but are you ready for sleeves without the hoodie?” Based on this Twitter outfit meme:

3D Art — September 26, 2020

RainPrompt 8: RAIN
Night-time 3D render of a male charr in swim trunks, standing in heavy rain and facing a waterfall with his back to the viewer. His arms are spread like he's enjoying the water, and his form is mostly a dark silhouette against a diffuse blue light coming from the waterfall. The scene is framed by long grass on the left and right, and you can barely make out a rock wall behind the waterfall.

Who said cats don’t like water?

3D Art — September 20, 2020

GardenPrompt 7: GARDEN
3D render of a male charr with blue eyes, a yellow mane, and dark gray fur, looking with fascination at a bonsai tree in a hexagonal clay pot. His right paw is close to the tree, claws almost touching it, the other is resting on the wooden table where some green leaves have fallen. It's an indoor scene but there are warm sunbeams coming from the left, and there's a blue butterfly sitting on one of the branches.

During the warband’s last visit to Lion’s Arch they came across a human merchant who sold tiny trees. Said they came from Cantha, but surely that can’t be right? In any case, Skarr decided they’re adorable (the trees, not the merchant) and had to buy one.

3D Art — September 14, 2020

ConquerPrompt 6: CONQUER
Grayscale 3D render of a shirtless male charr standing with his back to a large crowd, looking proud, with arms raised in triumph. The word "CONQUER" in bold white letters appears over the center of the picture. It's a recreation of a famous picture with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

When my patron Tabra gave me the prompt “conquer” for this month, my first thought was some kind of battle scene, obviously. So I did an image search for inspiration, and the first thing that popped up was a famous poster featuring Arnie in front of a crowd… and I knew what I had to do.

3D Art — September 8, 2020

Ready to slay your pixels! Just a quick experiment with a low-poly style. I’ve always wanted to try this - it’s kinda cute, but also more time-consuming than I expected. Not sure if I want to go further in that direction, but it was a fun little project. :)

3D Art — September 5, 2020

SavronSculpted Bust

Bust sculpting commission for Lolsanchez3 of his dragon character, Savron.

3D Art — September 3, 2020

Aaaah! Charrtober, my favorite time of the year, is getting closer! If you’d like to join me this year, I’ll post my own prompts (but not the art yet) in advance on Twitter, every day in September, along with screenshots for inspiration.

3D Art — August 30, 2020

Bust sculpting commission for FuzzBear91 of their alien bear character, Rogan Bulwark. I’m always excited when I get to sculpt different kinds of creatures, and an alien bear was a fun new challenge for me. Hope you like him! Background image credit: Jamieson Murphy on Unsplash

3D Art — August 29, 2020

3D render of a male charr with brown fur and a red eye patch on a beach. He's wearing black shorts and a black and red sleeveless "crop top" that just barely covers the upper half of his chest. It is held loosely by a simple iron chain draped around his neck like the strings of a hoodie.

I blame Sayna for this: A charr-ified version of the outfit with some modifications because who wants to wear long sleeves in these temperatures? 💦

3D Art — August 21, 2020

DefeatPrompt 5: DEFEAT
3D render of a male charr with brown fur, lying unconscious on sandy ground with his tongue hanging out. Cartoony orange stars swirl around his head, and a blue glowing "defeated" symbol hovers above him. His battle axe lies on the ground next to him, still in his limp paw.

“And this, cubs, is what happens when you charge into battle without your armor.” For the prompt “defeat” given by my patron the Coffee Kitten I thought I’d try a more comical style. Don’t worry, there’s a reason why the warband has a necromancer as medic.

3D Art — August 18, 2020

My first experimental full-body sculpting commission for Tabra of his charr warrior, Garro Facebreaker. Garro may be a big strong charr but he also has a sense of style, as you can tell from his rather exquisite underwear.

3D Art — August 17, 2020

First attempt at a simple 2D portrait of my charr warrior, using my 3D model as a reference

2D Art — August 15, 2020

3D render of a male charr with brown fur and a red eye patch, against a beach background. He's wearing a "shirt" where most of the sides and arms are cut away, so it's basically just a strip of fabric around the waist and another narrow strip going up along the chest and then splitting up to go over the shoulders. It's colored in bright red with white Blood Legion markings.

Just the right thing to wear for your summer vacation in Labyrinthine Cliffs! Blood Legion design, of course.

3D Art — August 12, 2020

HorizonPrompt 4: HORIZONS
3D render of a male charr warrior with brown fur, standing at the edge of a forest with his back to the viewer. It is night time, but the scene is lit by warm light from a campfire somewhere off screen. Two massive tree trunks frame the scene on the left and right, with tall grass and bushes between them. The charr appears to be off-duty, wearing a casual outfit with a bright red Blood Legion tank top and black shorts. He's still holding two large battle axes and staring off into the distance, where you can see the faint outline of the Frost Citadel, almost obscured by mist and a magic blue glow.

Terrible things lurk just beyond the horizon… but Kianga is ready for them. (I hope.) Scene for my patron Loki, based on the prompt “horizons”. I wanted to contrast the Drizzlewood landscape with a view of the Frost Citadel, which sadly does not work in the actual geography of the map. Luckily I can cheat! As always, I like to build my scenes around actual screenshots to make them fit better with the game world (and also because it sometimes saves me a lot of time, cough).

3D Art — August 11, 2020

Night ChillsPrompt 3: NIGHTMARE
Close-up 3D render of a male charr with blue glowing eyes, screaming and holding his paws to his face as if just woken from a nightmare. The whole scene is tinted blue and happening inside a tent at night, with spooky light and magical particles streaming into the tent.

What if your dreams are not your own…? My patron Bao gave me the prompt “nightmare” for this month, and I tried to come up with a spooky scene that could fit the current story. Don’t worry, Kianga is safe and hasn’t turned into an icy monster. Yet.

3D Art — August 10, 2020

Birthday gift for Sayna Jaye and her absolutely metal charr lady, Kirnaash Soulpyre. Happy birthday, Sayna! 🎉

3D Art — August 4, 2020

A little thank you for my friend EvilPol: a sculpted bust of his revenant, Fenrar Mistwalker. I hope you like him! (You’re both awesome.) The spots on his face are a stylized vitiligo pattern, based on a drawn reference. I love how this looks almost like a starry sky.

3D Art — August 3, 2020

3D render of a shirtless male charr with a red eye patch and black shorts, standing on the ruins of a Frost Legion conversion chamber, with discarded whiskey bottles all around him. He's making a taunting pose and showing off his muscles.

“Frost Legion, bah! You think we need some creepy ice magic to look cool?”

3D Art — July 31, 2020

As much as we charr love our city of steel, it’s not the most pleasant place in the summer. Luckily we’ve got our two lakes nearby to cool down… 💦 A quick scene based on the prompt “heatwave” (thank you Bao 🧡) and to show off Kianga’s new Blood Legion swimwear!

3D Art — July 17, 2020

Sculpted bust of Loki’s drake character, Magnus Renatus. Since this isn’t a textured model I tried to use light to reflect some of the colors from the reference sheet. I hope it worked! Challenging project, but good practice! Thank you Loki for your support and patience. 🧡

3D Art — July 14, 2020

Close-up 3D render of a male charr looking fierce, his teeth bared. He has brown fur, one yellow eye, and a red eye patch covering the other. The scene is abstract, with bright red rim lights highlighting his ivory-colored horns against a steel mesh background with blue reflections.

Not sure if the charr know anything about socialism but they sure have the teeth. Frankly I’m not sure how this started - I woke up today to find my Twitter feed full of very handsome looking smiles under the hashtag #socialistteeth and Kianga just had to join them.

3D Art — July 9, 2020

My second charr in the new style: Skarr Blacksnow, necromancer and Snow Warband’s medic. His bedside manners always raise the warband’s spirits. (Get it? Raise the… yes, yes, I’ll show myself out.)

3D Art — July 7, 2020

3D render of a male charr with brown fur showing off his back muscles. He's wearing a red eye patch and a jockstrap, and not much else. There is red magic flowing around him, similar to the berserker effects from Guild Wars 2.

A quick experimental piece while I’m working on the next full-body sculpt. I wanted to do a back view of Kianga (because honestly I’m still proud how it turned out) and I was looking for an opportunity to use some new effect overlays I acquired recently. I think they work well here?

3D Art — June 30, 2020

Here’s something completely different from what I usually post. I wanted a distraction from sculpting, so I played with Affinity Designer and this came out. Maybe it’s a little derpy, but I had fun. 😸

2D Art — June 24, 2020

Cook's OutfitPrompt 2: COOKING
Full-body 3D render of a male charr warrior with a red eye patch, wearing a charr-themed cook's outfit: A red chef's apron with the Blood Legion emblem and the text "Natural Born Griller", a thick cord around his waist with various meat hooks, leather straps with rings and spikes around his biceps and calves, and steel boots with sharp steel blades between his claws. He's standing in dark environment with a rusty steel wall behind him, looking down and pointing a large steel spoon at the viewer.

My interpretation of the original Cook’s Outfit from the game, with an extra bit of Blood Legion flavor. Based on the prompt FOOD/COOKING from my patron Bao—thank you for the inspiration! 🧡

3D Art — June 17, 2020

Sculpted bust and birthday gift for the wonderful Coffee Kitten of his charr lady, Tamka Ironpaw! 🎂🎈

3D Art — June 15, 2020

Sculpted bust for Loki, as a gift for his friend Vae! I’ve sculpted charr with this face type before - multiple times actually, not surprising because that face is so handsome - but I try to find unique features each time. For Vae here we turned the spikes or horns on his eyebrows and chin into tufts of hair instead, making him look more soft and fluffy. Hope you like him!

3D Art — June 11, 2020

Sculpting commission for Umbra of their charr lady, Umbra Velvetpaw. Umbra asked me to give her a puppy-eyed look, and I tried! I still struggle with making charr look not angry when viewed from the front (maybe it’s all the teeth?) but I hope it turned out okay! 👀 It was a pleasure working on this charr lady - thank you for the commission! 🧡

3D Art — June 2, 2020

Untextured sculpting commission for Sayna Jaye of her charr, Kirnaash Soulpyre. Sayna provided me with isometric artwork so I could properly model this custom horn design - it was a pleasure to work on this, thank you for the commission! 🧡

3D Art — May 27, 2020

Cuddle AttackPrompt 1: CUDDLE ATTACK
Close-up 3D render of a male charr with a pocket raptor sitting on his bare chest. It has its teeth dangerously close to the charr's nose but he doesn't look worried, smiling and petting its back with one paw. In the unfocused background you can see a nighttime sky with a full moon, some fireflies, and the dark outline of a tree.

Ah, nothing like relaxing during a warm Grothmar night and snuggling with your… pocket raptor? 🤔 My friend and patron Danero gave me the prompt “cuddle attack”, and since I don’t have a second charr model in the new style yet… just watch your nose, Kianga.

3D Art — May 21, 2020

Sculpting commission for Athaina Shadowclaw Painting fur is still a challenge for me, but I tried to refine my technique here and make her fur look extra soft. I hope I could do her justice!

3D Art — May 20, 2020

A birthday cake for my friend and guildmate, Gorfell Dreadfate! Can you guess where I got those strawberries? 🍓 Happy birthday Gorfell and stay awesome, Blood Brother! And if you’re craving strawberry chocolate cake now, I found this recipe:

3D Art — May 19, 2020

Patreon reward for Loki, a sculpted bust of his friend Kazul Muddypaws. This was a fun project! I’ve never done this type of horns before, and if there’s one thing I love it’s adding metal parts to characters. I don’t know, it just feels so… charr. I hope you like it, and thank you Loki for your support! 🧡

3D Art — May 8, 2020

We’ll never know what has him so fascinated, but one thing is certain: Thel’s beach parties are legendary. Patreon reward for the most wonderful Coffee Kitten! ☕😼

3D Art — May 5, 2020

“Shh, I promised not to tell anyone…” I imagine this scene in the past, with Kianga as a cub stealing some strawberries - that’s why you only see his paw here. Although you’re never too old to steal strawberries, I guess? Thought I’d take a quick break from character sculpting. This is one of my favorite places in Ascalon: Anya’s hidden strawberry patch in Diessa Plateau. Such a peaceful spot.

3D Art — April 27, 2020

A little gift and practice project for a dear friend of mine, Danero - he’s not a charr but a fluffy dragon! Hope you like him!

3D Art — April 23, 2020

I found this art meme thing on Twitter and since I love playing with lighting I just couldn’t resist. Turned out more difficult than I thought! As for “favorite”, I’d say it depends on the scene but I do have a soft spot for colorful rim lights. Meme found here:

3D Art — April 21, 2020

This is Bruce, my pocket raptor.

3D Art — April 20, 2020

There’s an old Blood Legion tradition: Gladia who seek another chance by fighting in the Ooze Pit sometimes visit the Blood Lagoon the night before, to throw away their most prized possession, leaving it for whoever finds it.

3D Art — April 17, 2020

The Ooze Pit is exhausting, okay? A little test scene for Kianga’s new model. Still got a few issues to figure out with the rig - getting a charr to sit properly is usually the hardest part.

3D Art — April 16, 2020

“Given to young legionnaires when they graduate from the fahrar and take command of their warband.” Noticed this icon as I was following Ryland Steelcatcher’s Footsteps (the collection for the flamesaw) and thought this would make a nice little weekend project. Of course Kianga still has his badge!

3D Art — March 28, 2020

Textured sculpting commission for Mona Controlla of their beautiful charr lady. This took me a while… At first I had no idea how I was going to do those braids but with some texturing magic and the help of Substance Designer I think they turned out nicely? Overall I’m very happy with the result! Hope you like her, and thank you for the commission! 💜

3D Art — March 25, 2020

For rhee.gw2 on Instagram, who tagged me to draw a banana. If you’ve played any of the Worms games, you’ll know that bananas are no laughing matter.

3D Art — March 20, 2020

Sculpting and texture painting commission for Alec of Snackers the Charr. This may be the cutest charr I’ve had the pleasure of working on so far. And I’m totally not saying that because he’s got a similar face as my own warrior. Went for a realistic style again, and I’m very happy with the result. Hope you like him too!

3D Art — March 18, 2020

Sculpting & texture painting commission for Baothghalach of their charr, Quintilius Ripper. This was an interesting challenge. My previous sculpts were all based on screenshot references, but this time I used Bao’s art as the primary reference instead, and the info that Quint’s facial proportions are based on a jaguar. Bao asked me to paint him in my older simplified style, but I tried to add a little bit of shading and color variation too.

3D Art — March 17, 2020

Remember to use a real one when you need to blow off steam - your ‘bandmates will appreciate it. A simple stylized scene I’ve been working on between commissions this week. Most of the work here was figuring out the lighting and volumetrics (fog/steam), which is always my favorite part to do. I also wasted a bit of time trying to build a pipe system in the background to give the scene a more charr/industrial look, but eventually decided that it only added distraction and that the scene was better off without it.

3D Art — March 13, 2020

My first sculpting commission for Jineb of their charr Argos Khornyr from Guild Wars 2. The most detailed sculpt I’ve done so far. This will also be 3D printed as a 10 cm figure, so I’ve kept the detail on the horns exaggerated in the hopes that it will be visible in the print. I hope you like it, and thank you Jineb for the commission! 💗 Also check out the 3D printed version, painted by Jineb:

3D Art — March 10, 2020

My little weekend project! The most fun part of this was placing all the bolts on this beast of a tank - around 500 of them, and that’s just one half. I don’t envy the charr engineers who have to build these. (But damn is it worth it!) You can download the source files for this model as a JAGUAR-tier supporter on my Patreon!

3D Art — March 8, 2020

plavigmaz asked via Tumblr: “🎵 Pick a song and draw your OC to one of the lyrics - for Ark” Within Temptation - Stand My Ground Stand my ground, I won’t give in No more denying, I’ve gotta face it Won’t close my eyes and hide the truth inside If I don’t make it, someone else will Stand my ground (Lyrics written by Han’some, Daniel Gibson, Sharon J. den Adel, Robert Westerholt)

3D Art — March 2, 2020

Another practice sculpt and a little gift for a very kind and generous charr. Thank you Sylas for your support, and I hope you like it! 🧡

3D Art — February 28, 2020

Sidewinder30k asked via Tumblr: “🎵 Pick a song and draw your OC to one of the lyrics” Beating, bleeding heart First warband to last stand Horns, claws, fangs Bound by Blood The song’s a little obvious perhaps, but I felt like doing something fun and over the top. Hope you like it!

3D Art — February 27, 2020

Snow Warband’s centurion has a simple and efficient command style. If you’re unsure about one of her decisions, she’s always happy to explain it to you hands on, in the Bane.

3D Art — February 25, 2020

Sometimes love comes from unexpected places. Just a quick scene today - a request from EvilPol on Tumblr: “Draw your OC getting kissed” for Ark.

3D Art — February 24, 2020

The moment Chui knew he was going to become an engineer. I’ve never done a charr cub before, hope you like little Chui! Textured speed sculpt, all in one day! This was fun but uhh I need a break now. 💦

3D Art — February 21, 2020

I did a draw/ask meme thing on Tumblr, and Warrick Ashblood asked: “Draw your OC with their sexual orientation pride” for Kianga or Storm. Here’s both of them. Nothing groundbreaking in terms of art, just two proud charr - each in their own way.

3D Art — February 20, 2020

I did a draw/ask meme thing on Tumblr, and Warrick Ashblood asked: “Draw your OC with their sexual orientation pride” for Kianga or Storm. Here’s both of them. Nothing groundbreaking in terms of art, just two proud charr - each in their own way.

3D Art — February 20, 2020

If you’ve been to Grothmar Valley, I hope you’ll recognize these! Thought I’d do something “simple” after all this sculpting, so here are the Keys to the Khan-Ur Vault, with a little more detail. Can you make out the locking mechanism?

3D Art — February 19, 2020

Now he’s snarly and fluffy. Tried a more realistic style for this one, much closer to the original game texture. Hope you like it! First time I’ve used the new automatic UV unwrapping in Substance Painter: I just dropped my unedited sculpt into the app and it worked flawlessly - very cool. Also used my first Substance Designer material here to make a simple fur brush.

3D Art — February 17, 2020

A snarly face! Practice sculpt of my revenant, Ark Snowblind. I’ve always had difficulty getting his face right with his previous model, but I feel like this is finally getting closer.

3D Art — February 16, 2020

You may think Valentine’s Day is bad, but it’s nothing compared to an elder dragon’s poetry.

3D Art — February 12, 2020

Huh. I didn’t have a plan for this scene other than wanting to experiment with isometric perspective. It began as an outdoor scene in Grothmar Valley, then turned into an indoor scene in Blood Keep - I even made the triple bunk beds, but the room felt too cluttered. Eventually I arrived at this surreal floaty space thing. Don’t ask me what it means, but I kinda like it. Hope you do too.

3D Art — February 11, 2020

As requested in a recent Patreon poll, here’s an ice sculpt of a real feline, a jaguar - with a fancy red ribbon for a bit of contrast. I used multiple references for this one, but it still feels like something about the jaw is slightly off. Hmm.

3D Art — February 10, 2020

… for a fierce charr lady and respected Ash Legion tribune: Happy birthday Hadjarah Brokenfang, aka charrior-of-ash on Tumblr! This cake comes with sharp dagger you can use to cut a slice… or stab anyone who tries to steal it. 😼

3D Art — February 6, 2020

Happy birthday to my paw-some friend Loki! Don’t worry, these cookies come in charr-sized boxes. 💕

3D Art — February 6, 2020

My first fully sculpted charr bust, of my ex-Olmakhan Blood Legion druid Jaom. There’s a lot more detail I could have worked on, but I’d rather finish this and get some more basic sculpting practice first. Just to be clear, the ice texture here is not sculpted - it’s a shader I’ve made for my practice sculpts, so they don’t look quite so boring even if they’re still a little low on detail.

3D Art — February 3, 2020

“Ugh, why is it always portals? Can’t we just use a door?” Kianga doesn’t trust mesmer portals, and he’s still not convinced that magical birds are any more trustworthy. (I hope Raven won’t judge me too harshly for that quick sculpting attempt there…)

3D Art — February 1, 2020

Motivational warrior is here to save another Monday! Say what you want about the whole Jormag thing, the Shiverpeaks are great for staying in shape: Take a quick jog through the mountains, watch an amazing sunrise, and be back just in time for breakfast. Fun fact: Charr anatomy was not made for push-ups. Not that they lack the strength, but their neck is so long that they’d constantly boop the ground with their nose.

3D Art — January 27, 2020

baomooshka asked via Tumblr: “What is storms favorite element? What is his favorite mix of elements? Does he have any favorite practices to hone his elemental powers?” Storm: “I’m a weaver, and that means I can’t play favorites with the elements—I have to keep them all in balance to be effective. Requires lots of practice and meditation. At least that’s the theory. But you know what? Efficiency isn’t everything. There’s a reason why both FIRE and FUN start with an F.

3D Art — January 24, 2020

Kianga just learned the hard way that you don’t start a water fight with an elementalist. They cheat. I just opened Blender and started playing with the fluid simulation features, and it somehow turned into this silly scene. No serious backstory behind it, just two charr having fun. Well, one of them more than the other…

3D Art — January 23, 2020