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Kianga: “Storm, we need some fire.” Storm: “How much? Want an inferno, or maybe a cozy wildf—” Kianga: “It has to be green.” Storm: “… what?” Kianga: “It’s for Fenrar. It’s his favorite color.” Storm: “My fire isn’t green. I’d look like a necromancer!” Skarr: “Oi, what’s wrong with necromancers?” Storm: sigh… Just a little thank you for a guildmate because he’s awesome.

3D Art — November 13, 2019

A quick thank you scene in response to my shiny crystal friend Sam, who surprised me with this cute doodle of Kianga today:

3D Art — November 12, 2019

An anonymous person on Tumblr asked: “What are some of your character’s bad habits/negative attributes?” We all have our weird habits. Storm likes to set things on fire. Like himself. Apparently this is fun. For an elementalist.

3D Art — November 11, 2019

And like last year, here’s a collage of every scene from this month. I’m very proud of some, less of others, but most of all I’m happy to have seen this through from start to finish. Last year I did every scene just in time, on the day it was posted and that was super stressful. This year I finished them a few days in advance, and I feel that helped a lot, both with my stress levels and (hopefully) with the quality of the scenes.

3D Art — November 1, 2019

“For a long time I was angry with her warband for not having her back when she was killed in that pointless bar fight, but in recent months I’ve come to realize that life is too short to waste our time with old grudges. It’s not helping her, it’s not helping them or me - time to move on. “Remember the past, but look to the future.” And this concludes this year’s Charrtober!

3D Art, Writing — October 31, 2019

“The Blood Legion is my mother. The Blood Legion is my father.” The Blood Legion is also his blanket.

3D Art — October 30, 2019

Here’s an unexpected side project I got: Our guild leader Minarr is doing a charity stream for ArenaNet’s Extra Life event and asked me if it was possible to use one of my charr models together with FaceRig. Basically it uses a webcam to translate your head movements to a 3D model, so you can appear on stream as a charr! Setting this up was… interesting. I had to take some shortcuts and couldn’t transfer all of the textures, but we got it done just in time.

3D Art — October 30, 2019

A shout-out to my awesome charr buddies at Charr Against Humanity! <3 Special thanks and credits to our guild leader Minarr, who designed our guild emblem and won ArenaNet’s guild emblem contest to get it into the game!

3D Art — October 29, 2019

Memories of ancient battles floating in the void. Who were they fighting? What were they defending? Only the Mists know.

3D Art — October 26, 2019

“You damn coward! If you don’t have the guts to stand up to your centurion, at least stand up to your own warband.” “Storm was close to leaving the warband that day, and he would have been right. There can be no loyalty without trust. “As a soldier you often don’t have the luxury of fixing your mistakes—what’s dead is dead. You can only make sure you don’t repeat them, and so I made Storm my second-in-command that day.

3D Art, Writing — October 25, 2019

Another quick scene for a nice person on Tumblr (there sure are a lot of them!)

3D Art — October 25, 2019

“Our orders were to destroy a Flame Legion camp near the Black Citadel. We were quick and efficient, it was over in a matter of seconds. “Only they weren’t soldiers. They were defectors. Centurion Duskmane had told me this quite plainly—and then gave the order to leave no survivors. “l objected, but orders were orders. When I briefed my warband… I misled them. I told them we were preventing an attack on the Citadel.

3D Art, Writing — October 24, 2019

“As legionnaire I’m not just commanding soldiers, I’m taking care of the closest thing I have to a family. They trust me, and I must not let them down.” “But in our first year as a warband, I did.”

3D Art, Writing — October 23, 2019

A quick render I made for a nice person on Tumblr:

3D Art — October 23, 2019

Kianga is not impressed. Except by the chair. He really likes that one. My own attempt at modeling the Legionnaire’s Chair from the game. I know it received some criticism due to the scaling problems with charr, but I love all the detail it has - wish I could have added more of it to my own model, but time constraints…

3D Art — October 22, 2019

Yeah Metal Legion is awesome, but have you ever heard a full Blood Legion company march in formation? THAT is music. Seriously though, listen to the sound of the charr legions marching at the beginning of the intro cinematic… imagine facing them on the battlefield.

3D Art — October 21, 2019

Kianga has his own way of escaping labyrinths. I really enjoy creating spooky scenes. This one is obviously inspired by the Mad King’s Labyrinth - I even started by recreating the whole layout, but then had to simplify in order to get it done in time.

3D Art — October 20, 2019

Naughty little fly Why does it cry? Caught in a web, Soon will be… eaten I tried to recreate that scene from The Lord of the Rings. Never done spider webs before, and making them look believable with a 500-pound charr in heavy armor is… challenging. I don’t think I fully succeeded, but it was fun anyway.

3D Art — October 19, 2019

Sometimes you just gotta sit and think. (Charr may be fierce warriors, but they’re still cats.)

3D Art — October 18, 2019

Kianga practicing his Khan-Ur impression. Gotta be prepared, right? I based this on the Gaze of the Khan-Ur skin from the game, with a bit of artistic license and a lot of shiny.

3D Art — October 17, 2019

Master Carver! Ahh, it’s that time again. I used the opportunity to practice sculpting a pumpkin, but carving it turned out a lot more difficult than I had expected. If you look closely you’ll also see a weakness of the realtime renderer I’m using: Kianga’s paws and chest are brightly lit because the light shines through the pumpkin even though it shouldn’t. But since I go for stylized renders anyway, I think it actually looks kinda cool.

3D Art — October 16, 2019

“Let me oooooout!” Oh Kianga, where did you get stuck this time? I looked around for haunted places in the game, and remembered the Haunted Nolani right on the northwestern edge of the Black Citadel. The gate you see here is right at the entrance, and you can actually jump over it with a springer and explore further. It’s a cool (and spooky) place!

3D Art — October 15, 2019

“I don’t mind ghosts as long as they’re the angry type that wants to kill you. I can handle that. But these floaty wispy things? Ugh.”

3D Art — October 14, 2019

“You made a poster for us? Thanks boss, that’s very… interesting. You think maybe we should uhh, you know, get a second opinion on that?” Ark is not happy with that poster, and neither am I. :P

3D Art — October 13, 2019

I mean yes, they’re SNOW Warband, but I’m not sure what Ark is trying to prove here…

3D Art — October 12, 2019

“In the Blood Legion, victory is earned - not given.” Really, don’t mention the S-word in the legions.

3D Art — October 11, 2019

“Yeah it’s tempting, but I’m not touching this stuff. If the whiskey doesn’t kill you, the Imperator definitely will.”

3D Art — October 10, 2019

Despite having attended every single Metal Legion concert, the warband still hasn’t agreed on which song is the best. Ark’s crazy about “Bound by Blood” (best legion!), Skarr loves “Fear the Metal Legion” (great lyrics!), but Kianga prefers the “Ballad of Soulkeeper” (because the only thing better than a great song is a great song where you also get to smash things to pieces).

3D Art — October 8, 2019

Raptors are red Skimmers are blue But what I really want Is a Dune Roller - and you? I’m afraid the car looks more cute than dangerous - I wish I could have had a bit more time to work on this, but that’s just how it is with daily scenes. Hope you like it anyway!

3D Art — October 7, 2019

A Deldrimor Steel Ingot, based on the icon[1] from the game. “Friendly reminder: While “ascended” sounds very lofty, these ingots are forged from fifty iron, steel, and darksteel ingots and do in fact descend very rapidly if you drop them by accident. On your paw, for example. Not that this would happen to me.” hobbles away

3D Art — October 6, 2019

“You’re next.” Okaaay, I have never in my life sculpted a dragon, and the only reference being that short moment from the trailer didn’t make that task easier - it was fun though! I hope Jormag is at least somewhat recognizable.

3D Art — October 5, 2019

“It’s a common misconception that magic users are weak and frail. If your body is not in balance, how can you hope to balance the energy of the elements?” But really, Storm, you don’t need to make such a show of it…

3D Art — October 4, 2019

“You think warriors don’t use magic? When you’ve got a blade stuck in your chest or deadly poison gas in your lungs, all your muscles and determination are not going to save you.” That was a lesson I received from our primus during our first warrior training. As a cub I never wanted to deal with magic—didn’t trust it. I’ve always preferred simple, tangible things, but it turns out that even warriors tap into energy that is… beyond.

3D Art, Writing — October 3, 2019

… of the Ooze Pit “Alright, it’s not the most prestigious title, but the warband’s having a blast there. Someone’s got to show the gladia how it’s done, right? “Just remember: First the ooze pit, then the booze pit. We messed up that order once and… let’s just say, trying to open negotiations with a blob of ooze was not a viable strategy.”

3D Art — October 2, 2019

“Legionnaire.” Kianga’s hand twitched to his dagger, almost spilling his mug of ale. The atmosphere in Blood Keep had been getting more tense every day, but what’s worse: he knew that voice. He turned around towards a massive hulk of a charr. Blood Legion armor, no helm, gray fur, with a deep scar running across her nose and forehead. Her eyes were clear and fierce. “Foeraze.” She raised her right paw—empty—in a gesture of peace.

3D Art, Writing — October 1, 2019

Garro is back, just in time for a visit to the Blood Lagoon! Which also happens to be Kianga’s favorite spot in Grothmar Valley. And they’re such posers… Ahh, this took me a while but it was worth it. I made lots of changes and refinements to Garro’s model, texture, and rig - big thank you to Tabra for his support and his excellent feedback during the process. The original version of this scene featured Garro alone, but then Tabra suggested that Kianga should have a cameo, and this happened.

3D Art — September 23, 2019

Legion United BOUND BY BLOOD I was riding around Grothmar Valley and noticed these super cheesy propaganda posters, and I love them.

3D Art — September 22, 2019

Bao asked via Tumblr: “Kianga - Do they have many fond childhood memories?” Kianga: “When we were a little older, our primus took us to the Loreclaw Expanse, old human ruins south of Ascalon Basin. That was back when the area wasn’t crawling with separatists. He warned us about the traps in those ruins but let us explore freely, so we went looking for ghosts, and treasure! “And it was awesome.

3D Art, Writing — September 7, 2019

WyvrnDWRipsnarl asked me via Twitter: “How does Kianga looks without/before his eyepatch?” I’ve done a few scenes during Charrtober 2018 that showed him before he got an eye patch, but here is a quick scene with his current model. It doesn’t have an actual scar for his left eye - yet. I’m tempted to do that next time I update his model. I imagine it would look similar to General Martok, in the later seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

3D Art — September 7, 2019

Do not get between a charr and his burger. I think I want to do more food scenes - I never thought sculpting burger sauce could be so much fun.

3D Art — August 28, 2019

A challenge he never imagined. A primus he never expected. Uh, please excuse the cheesy tagline. This is based on a prompt “Chui as a movie star”, provided by my friend and patron Sidewinder30k. Chui is a martial arts expert, and while I haven’t seen the 2010 remake of the film (I hear the reviews were… mixed), I do like the original poster design. Besides, everything’s better with charr, right?

3D Art — August 27, 2019

“My friend Thel has been giving me lots of useful business advice, and I thought I’d return the favor by giving him some combat lessons - you know, for advanced business negotiations.” “As a warrior I’ve fought with all kinds of weapons: greatswords, maces, axes, daggers, but I must admit, that dagger/coffee combo was new to me. Good thing that mug is made of solid steel.”

3D Art — August 19, 2019

“Are you sure this is a staff…?” Ark isn’t quite convinced. A staff is more of a support weapon for a revenant, and this thing doesn’t look very supportive to him. (Psst, that’s because it’s not meant for you, Ark.) The model is based on the Reclaimed Staff skin, with a few elements of my own design. The Reclaimed Weapons are another favorite weapon set of mine: Kianga also has a Reclaimed Shield, for the rare occasions when he needs one.

3D Art — August 15, 2019

“We’ve dealt with Flame Legion, we’ve dealt with Inquest, we’ve dealt with Elder Dragons the size of an island. They didn’t scare me. But ever since we returned from Dragonfall, there have been strange incidents: Reports get lost. Weapons misplaced, and later found where they shouldn’t have been. Strange noises late at night. We’re being followed, and whoever it is wants to be noticed.” A quick little scene to give you a sneak peek at a new weapon I’ve been working on.

3D Art — August 13, 2019

The warband’s been enjoying their summer holidays, but things are about to get a little heated… This scene went through so many iterations. Originally I planned to have it resemble the Labyrinthine Cliffs, but I wasn’t happy with the color scheme and the mood it set - so in the end I decided to go with a more neutral tropical beach look. Kianga’s awesome Blood Legion beach chair in this scene was generously contributed by my partner Keeya.

3D Art — August 9, 2019

“The Blood Legion is my mother. The Blood Legion is my father. We charr are born into battle, we live on the fields of war. And I… I will die fighting.” Rawr! I’ve always loved the rough painterly style of the original Guild Wars 2 cinematics, and this piece was of course inspired by the Blood Legion intro that plays right after character creation. I started with a normal 3D render of Kianga in his battle armor, but then discarded everything but the outline and composited the rest in Affinity Designer.

3D Art — August 3, 2019

The warband got new swimwear, just in time for their summer vacation! I may have taken a little inspiration from Zootopia here… It’s difficult to see in the render, but the material is actually red metallic. Yes, yes, good old Blood Legion subtlety.

3D Art — August 1, 2019

What do you do when the weather is too hot and you’re all covered in fur? You take it like a charr… and find a box to nap on. Side story: Had a talk with a friend a while ago, and they told me that I wasn’t making progress with my art, that I should try some new things. They were right in some way, but this little comment made me feel so bad about my work that I could no longer get anything done.

3D Art — July 25, 2019

Sometimes it’s just… meh.

3D Art — July 24, 2019

‘Scuse me, just vent art. I’ve had no working internet connection since last Friday, and getting this fixed has been nothing but delays after delays after delays. And every day I’ve got the choice between no internet or paying for mobile data which is apparently powered by angel’s tears or something, considering the price. Just grrr.

3D Art — July 10, 2019

I posted one of these art memes on Tumblr and Haruka Emberfall asked: “Draw your OC as a deity, in godlike clothing”. Of course that had to be Storm! I’m always super reluctant to use cloth simulation in Blender because it seems so unpredictable and I usually spend hours tweaking it - but this isn’t too bad, I guess?

3D Art — July 4, 2019

Kianga: “Thunderhead Keep. The assault on Kralkatorrik wasn’t our greatest moment. Not for the Pact, and not for us as warband supporting it. Mistakes were made—unnecessary mistakes—and things were said… it might not have made a difference in the end, but still. Best not to dwell on it.” Another request by Haruka Emberfall on Tumblr: “Draw your OC the maddest they’ve ever been.” This is a rather simple scene really, not much to do besides posing and lighting, but I quite like how it turned out.

3D Art — July 4, 2019

“I’m supposed to do WHAT with the tea…?” I have no idea what Boba Tea is, but I’ve seen art on Twitter and I just had to do this with (or rather, to) Kianga. (I also really enjoy doing these stylized renders!)

3D Art — July 2, 2019

Don’t even try sneaking up on him, with or without that blindfold. I’ve always loved the design of the Mistward Headwrap - it just needed more metal parts (and the Snow Warband logo), so this is my own take on it. The logo glows in the dark, of course.

3D Art — July 2, 2019

Here’s Loki all dressed up and ready for Pride Month! Is he proud of his fabulous jacket, his fancy sunglasses, or maybe his cute paws? Probably all of them!

3D Art — June 26, 2019

After Kianga and Storm, here’s the updated model of my revenant Ark Snowblind. He lost the blue tint (I was never quite happy with that) and got a much more detailed mane (I was definitely not happy with the old one). And if you ask him nicely, he’ll flex too.

3D Art — June 19, 2019

Ahh, fiery rain falling from the sky. A soft breeze of smoke, the gentle crackling of burning wood all around you… is there a better place to relax? Not for Storm, apparently.

3D Art — June 15, 2019

This cake is made with dark chocolate and the finest Elonian coffee beans and– I know that you’re already looking at that coffee mug instead. I thought I’d get you a new one, something worthy of a charr. It’s huge, made of solid Iron Legion steel, and like anything made by charr you can probably use it as a weapon somehow. Happy birthday, Sidewinder30k! <3

3D Art — June 13, 2019

Some things are too much even for the bravest warrior. A very personal piece…

3D Art — June 7, 2019

… with a new model! He’s pretty and he knows it. I may have gone a little overboard with those stripes, but of all my warband members Storm is probably the most extroverted and eccentric, and I’ve tried to do him justice.

3D Art — June 6, 2019

You can’t fight a war without proper supply chains. So during my last visit to Amnoon, I managed to secure a few contracts with my friend Thel (pictured here). You know, medical supplies, weapons, ammunition, um… sugar… vanilla… cocoa beans… Don’t look at me like that! Chocolate cakes are essential for troop morale. The trick is getting that first cake to my centurion before she sees the invoice. A little thank you for my patron Sidewinder30k, for his continued support and for the awesome art he got for me last month.

3D Art — June 3, 2019

Would you care to join this handsome gentlecharr for a game of Sandstorm? (You’ll probably leave with significantly less coin, but you’ll have a great time anyway!) Loki needed a more presentable outfit than his old loincloth, so we came up with this fancy suit for him. As you can see, charr can look amazing even when not covered in spikes. (Although I was tempted for a moment to add some, just because.

3D Art — May 30, 2019

Just a silly reaction I posted on Twitter. I realized I had never actually used my new tongue rig and eye shader with adjustable pupils in any public art, so…

3D Art — May 29, 2019

After this encounter, scars will be the least of your problems… Patreon reward for Tabra of their fierce charr lady Kazra Scarmaker. This is my first female charr model, and I’m very proud of her! So many new things I’ve done here - including a stylized fluffy tail, smooth shading for the darker parts of the fur, carved horns, and more realistic looking cloth. I hope you like her, and thank you Tabra for your continued support!

3D Art — May 28, 2019

My first attempt at recreating the Brand from Guild Wars 2.

3D Art — May 14, 2019

And here is Kianga’s new casual outfit! I love having metal elements on clothing, both for charr cultural reasons and because they take on colors of the environment and make the character feel more… real, if that makes sense? Anyway, I’ve tried to make this version look more reinforced, with extra layers of leather attached with steel buttons. I also got rid of the massive Blood Legion logo on the back, and replaced it with a hopefully more elegant design on the front.

3D Art — May 13, 2019

Okay Kianga, you can stop flexing now. Really. Kianga…? Please excuse him, he’s just very happy about his new look. I’ve been working on Kianga’s new model on and off for the last month, but this week I finally decided to get it done. I’ve tried to stay true to his design, and apply everything I’ve learned since his last makeover in December 2018. He’s got a new texture, new paws, a new mane, and even a shiny new eye patch and loincloth!

3D Art — May 12, 2019

Okay Kianga, you can stop flexing now. Really. Kianga…? Please excuse him, he’s just very happy about his new look. I’ve been working on Kianga’s new model on and off for the last month, but this week I finally decided to get it done. I’ve tried to stay true to his design, and apply everything I’ve learned since his last makeover in December 2018. He’s got a new texture, new paws, a new mane, and even a shiny new eye patch and loincloth!

3D Art — May 12, 2019

Brrr, I think I know why they call them the SHIVER-peaks… I traveled to the farthest edge to meet an old kodan, who taught me her secret chocolate cake recipe: This delicacy is made of dark chocolate, fresh cream, frozen winterberry jam, and blue ice crystals. Since it has to be kept at freezing temperatures I added a little charr ingenuity: a heating system to keep the cake (and its recipient) at just the right temperature.

3D Art — May 8, 2019

Bad timing, Chui… I had so much fun taking those Holosmith screenshots that I wanted to recreate the Photon Forge effect in 3D. And then Chui needed a sparring partner, so I added Kianga and gave him a Full Counter shield. Making spell effect shaders is fun!

3D Art — May 6, 2019

With a sharp hiss, the flame vanished. The room went dark. There was a moment of silence, then the ground began to shake. From outside the chamber, Ark could hear rubble falling. Storm! Ark ran out of the chamber, half stumbling over an old vine that had grown across the doorway. Stones, leaves, and dust were falling all around him. The earth rumbled, like he was stuck in the belly of a great beast.

3D Art — May 1, 2019

Ark stood in the doorway, looking back at Storm. “I’ll be back, I promise…” The chamber beyond was brightly lit. A large golden brazier stood in the center, burning so brightly that Ark had to shield his eyes. Coming closer, he could make out another doorway on the other side of the room, but it was blocked by solid stone. The was no other way out than the one he had come from.

3D Art, Writing — April 30, 2019

Last December, my friend Loki commissioned TideKeeper to draw our two charr having a quiet moment together. This is my interpretation of the same scene in 3D. Thank you again Loki for the gift, and TideKeeper for the sweet art! <3 I’ve used a different lighting setup here and some post-processing to get something closer to the original art style. I like the result, and I might experiment more in that direction!

3D Art — April 29, 2019

Tabra had the idea to let Garro do the Hollow Victory meme that’s been making the rounds on Twitter, and this was a welcome opportunity for me to experiment with a multi-panel comic layout in 3D! Usually one of the first things I do when working on a new scene is to jump into the game and take screenshots of the relevant location, both for reference and to use as a background.

3D Art — April 28, 2019

Question from baomooshka via Tumblr: “Whole warband: Do they struggle with any mental health issues?” Nah, they’re perfectly healthy. I mean… from time to time, we all get these strange urges to jump over pools of molten lava for no apparent reason, but that’s nothing to be concerned about, right? I went back to the Chalice of Tears jumping puzzle for this one. So many fond memories…

3D Art — April 22, 2019

And it’s done! Kianga now has a full suit of heavy armor and no longer has to fight hydras and giant devourers in nothing but his loincloth. Not that a real charr would need anything more, of course.

3D Art — April 19, 2019

For my dad.

3D Art — April 15, 2019

I think I’ve perfected my chocolate cake baking technique. Why use a tiny oven when we have the Great Imperial Smelter! Don’t worry if you taste a hint of sulfur, that’s perfectly normal. Oh, and please remove all screws before eating. Happy birthday, Drac! <3

3D Art — April 12, 2019

Just a happy warrior enjoying a spring sunrise. There’s something relaxing about working on nature scenes, and I’ve been trying to do one for every season: Fall of Ascalon was my second big scene with Kianga, then there was the warband’s Wintersday celebration, and I’m hoping that we can return to the Labyrinthine Cliffs this summer - that map felt like the perfect summer vacation to me.

3D Art — April 11, 2019

“Storm? Wake up…” The faint glow from the Mists energy that had softened their fall faded away. Ark had tried to protect both of them, but he had been so drained already… He touched Storm’s paw, but there was no reaction. It was utterly quiet here, no sounds from the jungle above them, yet it took Ark a long terrifying moment until he could make out his friend’s breathing, faint and shallow.

3D Art, Writing — April 8, 2019

250 mithril ingots done, 13.300 to go… This is going to be a long night in the forge. Alternative title: “OW my back.” He’s not getting younger, you know…

3D Art — April 4, 2019

And a little render for Wilderwuff, featuring a sketch she drew of Kianga. Check out her Patreon too, she draws amazing charr - and more!

3D Art — March 31, 2019

Ark slowly worked his way along the vine towards the nearby cliff wall, the whole thing swaying dangerously with every movement. The wall was steep but weathered enough for his claws to find some purchase. A crack of thunder echoed through the chasm from above, and Ark knew immediately what that meant: “Storm!”, he shouted. He was answered by a roar, too feral to come from a charr, followed by more thunder, and suddenly a roar of pain.

3D Art, Writing — March 30, 2019

No, this is not official Blood Legion swimwear. Trying to put this on your charr may result in severe injury or death. (To you, not the charr.)

3D Art — March 30, 2019

A scene from Loki’s past, struggling to adapt to life with just one eye. There are moments when things become too much even for a charr warrior… Full story written by Loki: “It was the longest day of my life… From the moment I woke up and bashed my head against the bunk. Everything felt wrong, looked wrong, WAS wrong. Stumbling through the streets like a warband hyped on citadel whiskey after a successful mission.

3D Art — March 28, 2019

The first rule of the Book Club is: We do not talk about the Book Club. Credits to ProperDave for the New Krytan typeface I’ve used here:

3D Art — March 27, 2019

They’re all pretty big charr, but Kianga is the tallest (maximum height in game) and Chui is the shortest (around 30% in game). As for my 3D models, Kianga is about 2.47 m (8 ft 1 in) tall at the shoulder and almost 3 m (9 ft) at the upper tip of his horns, while Chui is about 2.25 m (7 ft 5 in) and 2.6 m (8 ft 5 in).

3D Art — March 20, 2019

The original request for this from Sidewinder30k was a scene with Storm practicing elemental magic, setting something on fire by accident, and then frantically trying to put it out. I’ve thought about this for a while and here’s the problem: that wouldn’t be Storm. He’s not that sloppy, and his reaction would probably be: “Come on, it’s just fire!” So instead, here’s Storm practicing his magic by setting a Flame Legion camp on fire, quite deliberately, and without looking.

3D Art — March 16, 2019

Moving quietly, Ark left the path he had come from and hid between two bushes to the side. They were dense enough to cover him, but still allowed him a view of the path. Suddenly he felt silly. Storm had the first watch, and had probably followed him to check if he was alright. That would explain the noises: Storm was great with fire and lightning, but stealth? Ark grinned to himself—he’d teach him a lesson about that.

3D Art, Writing — March 13, 2019

“You rule without wisdom and without honor. The warriors that are gathered here would not say this to you, but I will: You are squandering our ships and our lives on a petty act of vengeance.” Michael Dorn as Worf (Star Trek) I grew up with Star Trek, and I can’t imagine any voice more fitting for Kianga than that of Worf. Being a great warrior is about more than just combat skills - it’s about honor and integrity.

3D Art — March 11, 2019

“Charr don’t need daggers, we’ve got plenty of them built-in… but I guess a little extra steel can’t hurt. Not me, anyway.” I finally made a weapon for Kianga: his (and my) favorite Legionnaire Dagger. I gave it colors different from the original to better fit the red & black theme I often use for Kianga’s equipment. With future weapons I’d like to go even more in a stylized direction, but for now I’m happy with this!

3D Art — March 11, 2019

“The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That’s pride fucking with you. Fuck pride. Pride only hurts. It never helps. You fight through that shit.” Ving Rhames as Marsellus Wallace (Pulp Fiction) Also watch this short video of Ving Rhames accepting a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Mini-Series. I imagine Skarr having both sides: He can be a cold and brutal necromancer in battle, but also sweet and humble when he’s among friends.

3D Art — March 4, 2019