Art & software
3D render of an anthropomorphic black-backed jackal in a cartoony style, pointing at something just to the right of the viewer. He has bright blue eyes and is wearing a short dark purple tunic and a black utility belt with a hunting knife.

3D model of River, an anthro jackal for a game project, based on a character design by Temiree.

3D Art — April 18, 2018

My very first Blender project was, of course, the donut from the popular Blender Guru tutorial I found the original scene in one of my backups and rendered it again with the current Blender version (2.90.1). (My donut had to be chocolate, of course.)

3D Art — January 27, 2018

Cyklus was a watch face for Android Wear with a clean, minimalistic design. Instead of a typical 12-hour analog clock it would show a ring for an entire 24-hour period, along with markers for sunrise/sunset, weather, alarms, and calendar events.

Software — March 20, 2017